Sevan and Kyle

Kyle and Sevan met while studying at the University of South Carolina, a long way from Fort Collins, CO and Centreville, VA. Sevan was finishing up her Bachelors degree as Kyle was just starting his Masters – not the greatest start to a love story but it didn’t end there! While they met early on at a football tailgate, it wouldn’t be until weeks later that they realized they lived just a couple doors apart. From then on, they were inseparable! Whether they were hanging out at the apartment cooking Sunday dinners or going out every weekend in downtown Columbia, they were together every chance they got. That is, until Sevan moved to Washington D.C. after she landed her first job.

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Unbeknownst to Sevan, Kyle was heartbroken by the time her graduation rolled around. After she left Columbia, he tried very hard to convince her to visit USC every chance he got, but it wasn’t until the following spring when Kyle asked her to be his date at a close friends’ wedding that they finally reunited. They had a blast being back together – it was just like old times! For Kyle, those old sparks were flying higher than ever and Sevan loved spending time with her old friend again. In fact, they had so much fun that Kyle finally had to give in to his feelings and ask Sevan out once and for all! After a friendly visit up to D.C. and countless hours laughing at each other’s jokes all weekend long, it was obvious the two had an undeniable connection. With his heart thumping louder than ever before, Kyle finally mustered up the courage and asked if the next time he visited D.C. he could take her on a real date. Sevan was shocked! “WHAT?! A date?!” was all she could say. Luckily Kyle took that for a “yes!” A week later, he flew up to D.C. and the two of them went out for tacos, margaritas, and a night of full of laughing and dancing. Somehow that modest setting blossomed a love between Sevan and Kyle and the frequent flyer miles have been piling up ever since!

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how they asked: The proposal begins in Istanbul, Turkey. After months of planning, we had finally taken our long awaited trip to this far corner of the world. The first few days were spent getting to know the city, trekking all around the town, and stopping at food carts every chance we got. October in Istanbul could not have been more idyllic as we watched boats maneuver the Bosphorus Strait and climbed through hills with monuments and mosques centuries older than the United States itself.

But unbeknownst to Sevan, this trip had more meaning than a getaway vacation. On our third night, I had planned a romantic dinner at the top of a hill overlooking the Mediterranean Sea – one of the most picturesque parts of the city. Eager to get there on time and enjoy every minute of this special night, I told Sevan our reservations were an hour earlier than what I had booked – a great tactic for someone who is never on time! Luckily I did so, as walking through the maze of Istanbul’s streets got us lost several times along the way.

Upon finally arriving at the restaurant, we were pleasantly surprised to be on the rooftop floor of a beautiful hotel with old world charm that can only be found in tucked away corners of the world. The hostess seated us at a cozy little table, front and center with a beautiful panoramic view of ships rolling through the Mediterranean as the sun set over us. We spent the next several hours gorging our faces with the incredible Turkish cuisine and enjoying each other’s company as we reminisced about all our past adventures together. Sevan would later comment that I seemed so at ease, that she never expected what would follow, but inside my nerves were building up!

Finally, after asking the waiter to take a picture of us and begging Sevan to get in the picture [I had coordinated a moment like this with them in advance] I dropped to one knee to propose. The look of surprise on her face could not have been more satisfying as I went to such great lengths to keep this a secret from her for months. As I told her how much I loved her and how foolish I had been for waiting so long to ask her out, the only word she could manage was, “What?” repeated over and over. In that moment, I had never seen her more stunned or more beautiful. Tears flooded her eyes immediately. Now Sevan can be a crier, which is always cute, but this time was different. In between heavy sobs, she managed to nod her head as a way of saying “yes” and I took her into my arms with a feeling that is difficult to put into words. As she buried her head into my chest, I realized I had never felt more at peace and the whole world came to a complete stop. The overwhelming happiness and joy that I felt at knowing I would be with this woman forever was unlike anything I had ever known.

After what seemed an eternity, we came back to reality to hear the applause of those around us. We would continue to celebrate with a bottle of champagne and a leisurely stroll around the beautiful city in a state of complete happiness. At this point, the busy tourist streets were all empty and we felt like we owned the town. We couldn’t stop smiling and celebrating as we stayed up until the early hours of the morning calling all of our family and friends back home. By now, the feeling of engaged bliss had settled on us and there was nowhere else in the world we wanted to be except right next to each other. Lucky for us, we still had several days left in Turkey to continue the celebration together. That fateful October evening was without a doubt the best moment of our lives yet and every day since has been a continued blessing as we grow to love each other more and more.

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