Sierra and Seth

Marriage Proposal Ideas in On an island in the middle of the creek at my house

How We Met

Well…how we met is kind of an awkward story. My friend Abby invited me to go on a double date with her and a guy that she had met while filming a commercial for a local clothing store. On the way home my date asked me if I noticed that Abby’s date kept looking at me. I had noticed it but chose not to mention it, thinking little about it. Well it turns out Abby’s date ended up being Seth. Seth ended up having a thing for me, one thing led to another, we ended up going to prom together, and after having the time of my life (Seth told me I had to include that) here I am about to marry the boy.

Proposal Ideas On an island in the middle of the creek at my house

how they asked

My fiancé Seth, has never been a planner by any stretch of the imagination, so the fact that he planned a better proposal than I could have ever dreamed of , made me fall in love with him even more. All the planning, detail and organization that went into it is what truly amazed me. God has blessed me with such an amazing man, and he truly out did himself because I could not even imagine a more perfect partner in life for me. Okay, so how he did it. A few days before he told me his momma had gotten some free tickets to a play at our local theater, and that she wanted us to have them. I immediately thought that was very odd, but so thoughtful of her for thinking of us and did not give it much more thought. Little did I know that was the plan to get me to dress up.

He had previously told my Mom that he couldn’t propose on the previous Sunday night because I would be coming from work and he knew that I would want to look pretty. What is even more ironic is that we ended up kind of matching and I certainly didn’t plan that. Once we were both dressed in our Sunday best I asked him what we were doing about food because I was starving and we only had about an hour and a half before the play. He said we would just stop and get something on the way. (What’s funny is that he knew we were never going to make it to the play, but he knows me well enough that he had to plan it on a day that there was actually a play because he knew I would have to check the times because I am such a planner). We get in his car and we make it about ten minutes down the road when I get a frantic phone call from my mom telling me that my dog had ran off into our field and she needed help finding him.

I thought this to be genuinely true for two reasons: 1) my dogs run off at least once a week 2) I’ve never heard my mother cry so hysterically in my life. It was literally an Oscar winning performance. Once we arrived back to my house Seth immediately started driving through our fields which I didn’t think was all that odd because after all we were looking for my puppy. I was seriously concerned and so upset. We made it down to the edge of the field that borders our creek and I see tiki torches lit on the island. I was immediately thinking; what on earth are the neighbors doing? It was the strangest thing, so Seth decides we should get out and go investigate, and I’m like “no we need to go find my dog!” Well, somehow he managed to get me out of the car and as I was walking I was looking down most of the time because I was wearing heels and didn’t not want to step in a groundhog hole and break my neck and spend the rest of the night in the hospital.

Sierra's Proposal in On an island in the middle of the creek at my house

Thankfully, my sweet Seth held me up the whole time so we avoided the ER like the plague or the play depending on how you want to look at it. After crossing the wooden bridge over the creek to the island, all of a sudden I look up and to my amazement the trees magically lit up on the island. They had been delicately strung with thousands of twinkling lights. In my mind, it was like something out of a Nicholas Sparks movie. Then it hit me, it smacked me right in the face. He began recounting stories of how we met and something about God…I promise I was listening, I just got really overwhelmed especially once I realized he was no longer standing on two feet. Then I heard those words, “Sierra, will you marry me?”

Then he opened a box with a truly amazing ring that had belonged to his Granny Snow. I hurriedly said yes and gave him the biggest kiss ever.

When I finally took my eyes away from his, to my amazement I found that there were about 20 shadows lurking in the field behind us along with a photographer. Seth had invited our closest friends and family to share in our marvelous occasion, which I really had to give him props for because I knew he had been listening months prior when I had mentioned how sweet that would be. I’m truly blessed; God gave me a wonderful and genuine man, and it blows my mind that I get to spend the rest of my life with him. I could not be more excited. I have found the absolute love of my life and it means the world to me that he put all the work and effort into creating the most wonderful proposal for me. He put a tremendous amount of work into it as well as many of those who were there to share it with us. I am forever grateful for every single secret that was kept, dog that wasn’t lost, bodies that fell in the creek on an extremely cold day, and lights that were strung. It was truly a magical moment.

Special Thanks

Sharon Smith | 
Crafting Decorations
Bayzyk Family | 
Building the bridge
Jeremy Weaver | 
Falling into the creek