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how we met

This isn’t exactly your normal love story, but it’s the one I live for. Seth and I are high school sweethearts. I was fifteen and he was seventeen when we met. He had just moved to our school and I thought he was the cutest thing I’d ever seen. Tall, curly headed, blue eyed boy just like the one I told my mom I’d marry when I was a little girl…dreamy right? Well, it hasn’t always been roses and butterflies, but now looking back, it’s been worth the journey. We had been together for two and a half years when we were getting ready to throw a party for his birthday! Exciting stuff. BUT, my present wasn’t exactly ideal (or so I thought) at such a young age. I had figured out a little one was growing! I tried avoiding him throughout the night, and he finally caught me off guard around midnight. “What’s wrong with you?” He asked. He knew something was up, and hiding it wasn’t possible anymore. So, we walked into the bedroom, where I had the test hidden, and I told him he might wanna sit down. I hand the test to him and say, “Congratulations and Happy Birthday, you’re going to be a daddy!” The excitement and look on his face is not the response I was expecting, but he was overjoyed!

Now, that little monster is our whole world. Of course, we were young, and the more things were talked about and thought out, we got scared and things started going downhill. Shortly later after some decisions and events, we parted ways. Communication was awful at first. We basically only talked when I had doctor appointments. But, after the birth of our son, slowly the communication between us began to grow stronger each birthday, holiday, and special event. We eventually got to the point we were able to smile and even laugh during the exchanges of our son. I had finally accepted the fact that this is how things will be. He was in a relationship with a sweet girl, and I… I needed to get back out there.

I met a guy and I could have sworn God sent me this wonderful soul. (which in some way, he was meant to be in my life, just not how I thought). He asked me to marry him and I never quite said “yes” we just played it out from there. Seth had known about the guy, and when we would meet for the exchange of our son, I noticed things started to change. The light wasn’t shinning in Seth’s face and his eyes weren’t as crystal blue. Not to mention, the laughing had stopped. One afternoon, I had met Seth without our son or my fiancé at the time for monthly child support. All of a sudden, the light was back, his eyes were crystal blue, and oh, his laugh…I had missed that laugh. After a couple of sentences and giggles, I thought it might be best I leave. I go to pull off, and the look he gave, was the look of “There goes my only chance.”

Mind you, when I say I am in love with this man, I mean in love with every aspect. I know him like I know me. How he expresses his emotions and what his facial expressions say is included in that. Therefore, I knew he had a heavy heart and he had something to say. I stopped dead in my tracks, he walked over and I said, “I have got to know before I marry someone else.” He knew exactly what I meant. He got into the car and we parked. From there on, feelings were spilled and love was relit. If anyone reading this personally knows me, you know that for five and a half years, my heart has only been with this man. He is the only one I have ever truly loved. I ended up breaking things off with the fiancé at the time (which wasn’t the hardest because things were quickly turning from what they seemed in the beginning). And the next day, my mother went into the hospital due to a heart attack. I had never been in that mental shape before, and I had never known my now husband to ever be so compassionate. He showed his dedication to our family within five days (and if you only knew what we have been through, the damage from the both of us is not easily proven to be “past mistakes that have been easily overcome” especially in such short time.)

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how they asked

I know that this is my person, my partner, and my best friend. I know God has brought us back together, and made us go through all the things we have for several reasons. One being to remind us who He is and just what He is capable of. Another being we are just meant to be. May 7th , 2016, my sweet baby cousin Courtney and her fiancé Caleb were tying the knot. What a beautiful day, a beautiful wedding, and the most beautiful bride! Seth and I, and our son were all three participants in the wedding, I was a bridesmaid, Seth a groomsman, and our son the ring bearer (kinda). We ended up having to walk him down the aisle with us hand in hand. As you’ll see in the video, during the reception Court calls me up to personally thank me for my help. (A little background, we grew up together, only 11 months apart, and only a few steps away from each others house!) Anyway, she tricked me! Apparently, Seth had already spoken to her to set up this beautiful proposal in front of all my family, just to prove even more his dedication and love for his family!

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I was in complete shock, I could have screamed yes! Fortunately, no one had to hear that because instead I couldn’t stop crying tears of such joy. The basic of it, we got back together in March 2016, got engaged May 7th of 2016, and were married on July 30th of 2016. That’s right, we planned a wedding, with awesome help, in roughly two and a half/three months.

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I am more than happy with where life has taken us, and where it has brought us. I could not ask for more. Everything I have ever wanted, I now kiss goodnight every single night before bed – the love of my life, and the little munchkin that is a smitten image of him, and cherish each moment of it.

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