Seth and Kate

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How We Met

The night we met is still one of our most vivid memories because despite the loud music and many people bumping into us here and there, the only person we heard was each other and the only person we kept our eyes on was each other. As you can gather we met at a typical college party, however, we decided to spend the entire evening and well into the wee hours of the next morning gushing over music and one of our favorite bands, Sigur Ros. My fondest memory of that night was when Seth was trying to exchange artists’ names and song titles with me. Unfortunately, nerves got the best of me and I blanked on everything. Yet, when Seth said his favorite band was Sigur Ros I excitedly responded, “Wait! I love Sigur Ros! I really like that song that starts with an A…An…Andvari!” I then proceed to describe the album art and within seconds, Seth put his hand on my knee and said: “You know them?!” The rest is history with some pretty remarkable adventures together!

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how they asked

We should preface, this proposal consisted of simply Seth’s GoPro HERO4 that he had hooked to his trekking pole! Seth has always taken beautiful pictures while on our adventures and has talked about wanting to put our adventures into a video, so it wasn’t out of the ordinary to have him filming this summer adventures! However, I would have never thought in my wildest dreams that within our 2016 summer adventures are greatest adventure was our proposal, his plan all along.

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We had just spent a year apart while he completed his first year of graduate school in WA and I remained in VA to complete my second year of teaching. During this month long time together we intended to backpack the 93 miles of the base of Mt. Rainer, The Wonderland Trail. Unfortunately, our trip was cut short on Day 3, 40 miles in, due to what we thought was ringworm on my arm, but actually turned out to be shingles. For the next 5 days after my diagnosis we “rested” just as the doctor ordered with some beautiful beach trips and coffee/tea dates in between. Seth had already started planning another hiking trip for them for the following weekend filled with the wildflowers that were in full bloom and similar mountain views we were both looking forward to on the Wonderland Trail, which wasn’t unusual and honestly expected for the time we had left together.

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The Gothic Basin trail in Washington’s North Cascades was no easy hike; however, it was such a tranquil oasis once we reached our breathtaking campsite. Sunday morning of July 24th, Seth had woken prior to sunrise to get coffee and hot chocolate ready. Shortly after I had gotten up, we simply sipped on our coffee and hot chocolate and watched the fog dissipate while the sun rose above the horizon. While we were sitting there I was becoming restless wanting to take a picture of the both of us. I finally got my way and we walked to a beautiful spot not too far from our campsite! On all our trips Seth was always behind the camera and I wanted him to be next me! While Seth was situating the cameras he was also positioning me, “…stand here, no stand here, no stand here, oh it doesn’t matter”. When Seth finally came over I was ready to have him come stand next to me. That is when I realized he was down on one knee.

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I remember asking him, “Are you really doing this?!” The smile he gave me was all I needed. I broke down into a puddle of tears as he reached into his side pant pocket and pulled out a small pouch holding two rings. He first pulled out a simple QALO rose colored hiking ring. “I planned on giving this to you on the Wonderland Trail, but I also have your real…”. The two feet between us was too much to bear any longer and I wanted a hug and to finally kiss the man that I have known for a long time was the person I was to spend the rest of my life with.

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