Seth and Erinda | Beachy Engagement Shoot


How they met: Before I met Seth everyone told me that you find love when you least expect it. I never thought they could be right! One night my friends and I turned up at a pirate party… Yep a pirate themed party! Half way through the night I realized my parrot was missing and after searching high and low and everywhere for my little accessory I see a group of guys with it! Sure enough it was Seth. Immediately we were drawn to each other. He was charming and had an adorable sense of humor I was hooked!

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how they asked: Two years and 8 months after meeting we were sitting at the beach, my favorite place to be, while looking through pictures we printed over the last couple of years, we never found time to actually print them so this was nice to have!!! He was telling me all the reasons why he loved me, everything from the meals I cook to the quirky facial expressions I make when I’m in a particular mood. It was so sweet! We were almost done going through all the pictures when I came across a picture of a Robbins Brothers bag. I looked at him curiously then anxiously flipped to the next picture and it was a picture of the ring box. Then, I looked over to see Seth on one knee holding the same box I saw in the picture!!! I couldn’t even remember what he was saying because I was so surprised. All I could remember was my shaking hand as he slipped the ring on my finger! I was so thrilled I almost forgot to say yes!


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Photos by Samantha Bonpensiero Photography