Delany and Seth

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How We Met

Seth and I met when we were just young, confused high schoolers just trying to find our way through the halls. I was on the Varsity cheerleading squad and Seth was on the football team (I know, your typical cheerleader/football player couple). Before we knew of each other, we used to pass each other in the hall every morning on the way to class. Little did I know, that cute boy in the hall would become my Fiancé one day. Seth was a Senior and soon to be graduating in June and continuing on to college at the University of Oregon. I, myself, just a small little sophomore trying to figure out how to pass Geometry. One night, as I was surfing Facebook, I see that Seth commented on my picture. At this point, I had only known of Seth through friends on my cheer team. Honestly, I was scared of the senior boys so talking to one in person seemed like a nervous nightmare of mine. Anyways, back to the Facebook comment. Seth had commented on my photo that he thought I was cute, and at this point my head (and my heart) were just about exploding with excitement! We made plans to hangout the very next day, and he came over to my house for a movie night. He ended up staying until about 3 in the morning watching “Clueless” and “Bring it On” and from that moment on, the rest was history.

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how they asked

I had been planning for Seth and I (and our dogs) to get our photos taken for Christmas cards this year! We have never sent out Christmas cards in the entire 6 years we’ve been together so this year was our year! I was so excited to use my favorite photographer who I use for all of my photography needs and it only seemed right because she took Seth and I’s couple photos 4 years ago for the first time. So, we planned a fun photoshoot out at a lake in the town where our high school is and set out for the day, dogs and all. I knew that an engagement was in the future for us, but I had no idea it would be at this moment because I planned the whole thing so I wasn’t expecting Seth to make his move then! We were getting to the end of the photoshoot and I could tell Seth was getting very anxious for some reason. His heart was beating a million miles an hour and he kept looking around for some reason. Our photographer told us to go stand by the big fallen tree to take pictures by it, and next thing I know, Seth is down on one knee saying the words “Delany, will you marry me?”.

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All I could do was cry and squeal out an excited “YES!” We both kind of blanked out through the whole thing because we have waited 6 long years for this and have gone through everything together, and in one moment, everything in our lives just made complete, and total sense.

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Special Thanks

Korie Nicole
 | Photographer