Setareh and Caleb

Setareh's Proposal in Rudder Fountain

It was a Happy Thanksgiving indeed!

Caleb and I met at a Christmas formal last year in college. Both of us went with friends and with zero intentions of finding someone that night. Our friends introduced us to each other and we hit it off immediately and danced the rest of the night together. Even after the Christmas party was over, we went to Harry’s country dancehall in College Station and continued to dance the night away and we rewarded ourselves with 3am Whataburger and deep conversations about ourselves, our experiences, and God and His grace.

Caleb literally drove across Texas on many occasions just to see me. (I think he likes me ?), and not long after, we became pretty inseparable and went on many adventures together. Road trips, camping underneath the stars, hammocking around campus (and running away from the sprinklers), early mornings at church, sleep deprived study dates, family outings etc.

It didn’t take us very long to realize that we wanted this to last forever.We started making plans over the summer and he customized a ring for me from a jeweler that had customized rings for his mother, sister, sister in law, and grandmother.

Caleb and I both attend Texas A&M University (Whoop!) which is where his parents attended. He always told me the story of how his father proposed to his mother by throwing her into Rudder Fountain in the freezing cold! I told him that no matter what he did, I just had to look pretty for pictures! He told me that he couldn’t promise my makeup wouldn’t run – which I thought he was referring to the tears to come! (Which they did, but something else also contributed to my face being soaked)…

On the day before Thanksgiving, Caleb said that he wanted to take me out on a final date before break. He told me that we were going to go to the student Rec Center to enjoy a little time in the hot tubs and then get fancy for our date. So I dressed as casually as I could possibly have been, not fancy at all… he said he wanted to walk to the Rec Center, so he came by my dorm and we walked together; along the way we walked around areas we met memories at, like where we danced in the sprinklers, were we always walked etc. We also have land under the famous Century Tree – rumored that if a couple walks under the tree together, they’ll be together forever. Finally we arrived at Rudder Fountain. Caleb said he wanted to sit down for a second. We sat and relaxed for 30 seconds until he picked me up and threw my into the fountain! My anger quickly diffused once I saw that he was down on one knee with all of our family and friends there! (Like father like son).

On his knee, Caleb told me that he wanted this to be something personal and not super done up, because to him, I shine brighter than the diamond, and that he knows that I’ll be someone that will stick by him even when things are not super pretty.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Rudder Fountain

We’ve been through wonderful times and hard times together. Losses and gains. Smiles and tears. I have never received such support and reassurance from any other man I’ve met – someone that values my experiences and ambitions and embraces me at all times, flaws and all…

Needless to say, I am excited to spend forever with you. I love you, Caleb Ogier ❤️ #OfficiallyOgier