Melissa and Sergio

Sergio and I had plans to go see the Christmas tree on Saturday December the 13th, until he texts me to tell me that we wouldn’t be able to go because he has to do a training at work. I was so upset, not only because we weren’t going to see the tree, but because he had to do the training on his day OFF. This same day there was a concert at church so my mom insisted we go to see the children’s choir sing. After the concert, my parents wanted to go out to eat. We decided to go to Presto’s, my favorite restaurant. We get to the restaurant order drinks and appetizers, and then our dinners. I wondered why our dinner had been taking long to come out. Minutes later, the owner of the restaurant looked towards the door of the restaurant and said, “Oh wow, the firefighters actually came, I didn’t think they were going to come.” I looked over towards the door out of curiosity and see someone dressed in a Santa outfit. I turned back around and looked at my phone that had a text message from Sergio that said, “The training is almost over, call you soon!” I turned back around and saw Santa walking towards the table where the owner was sitting with her family. I didn’t know who it was until I heard these words…. Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas! Right there and then I looked at my mom and said, “Omg, that’s Sergio!” I couldn’t believe it, the man who was supposed to be at training was wearing a santa suit and walking towards me. I began shaking and crying, I knew what was coming. At this very moment all I could do was smile and look at him. Santa grabbed my hand and told me to stand up and proceeded to tell me how much he loved me and how happy I’ve made him for the past 7 years. At this point, my brother and his girlfriend came in with a HUGE sign that read Melissa, Will you marry me? I was FLOORED!!! Santa was down on one knee and asked me the sweetest and most important question ever…4 words that mean the world to me…Will you marry me? I don’t think I ever smiled so damn hard. I looked into his eyes, with tears rolling down my face and said YES!!!! This was the best day of my life, and I could not imagine it any other way. The sweestest proposal ever surrounded by my beautiful family.