Serene and Jon

How We Met

This is a very funny question because Jon always tells everyone that I took advantage of him. But the truth is we met at work and I was his connections coach. At the time I was in a relationship and he was a new intern so we had not considered getting into a relationship with one another to begin with.

As it turns out, the previous longterm relationship didn’t go as planned. But you learn from the past to build something greater.

The warm, laughter-filled worktime lunches with Jon made us realize how much we loved each other’s company. It was tough for me initially to move past a 4 year relationship, but not before long, we went out on secret dates (because we didn’t want co-workers to find out until our relationship was solid), constantly messaged each other when we got back home, even after 8 hours of sitting across from one another, and were just mesmerized by each other.

Things were not always perfect — we got into very heated arguments, fought intensely, and had differences in how we thought situations should be handled. But through it all, one of the best qualities about Jon is his honesty. He helped me to become more open about my feelings and be a stronger person, and I helped him to be more positive and believe in himself.

At the end of the day, our open communication, our willingness to try new things, and his ability to turn any serious situation into something funny keeps us strong.

As silly as it sounds I can’t imagine being with anyone but him because he’s my soulmate.

how they asked

Jon and I have been dating for a little over 1.5 years now and though some people think that is not a very long time, others believe it is perfect timing. He proposed to me on September 30, 2015 on our trip in Bora Bora.

Apparently he asked my parents for permission last November 2014 and told all of my close friends. So, kudos to those of you have known for so long and didn’t break a sweat :)

Jon did a lot of planning and had my ring made in January but took the jeweler 6 months to make the ring of my dreams (we actually created it together because he had got all the elements of the ring design from me in a sneaky way).

The morning of the proposal I had told him that the best time to take pictures is at sunset and dusk when the sunlight is not too bright. So after a long day, the sun was setting over Mt. Otemanu and he said we couldn’t miss the golden opportunity to take pictures (rainfall in Bora Bora is very erratic and unpredictable).

He secretly called the butler, Masahiro Iemoto to pick us up from our overwater villa and take us to the main dock. We both love making vacation videos, a hobby that developed between us and our latest toy is an aerial drone — to enhance our visuals. So, unsuspectingly, we brought our camera, drone, and GoPro with us to the dock to take sunset photos.

Even when I passed my camera to Masahiro, and Jon had set the GoPro on a tripod, and setup the drone I still had no idea what was about to happen.

We even posed for some photos.

Image 1 of Serene and Jon

But once he stepped away from me and I saw the drone hovering at us, something immediately felt different.

Image 2 of Serene and Jon

Something did not feel right because he looked at me very seriously.

Image 3 of Serene and Jon

I literally asked him what was going once his serious speech began and 3 sentences later,

Image 4 of Serene and Jon

He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

Image 5 of Serene and Jon I said yes and he pulled me in.

I ran towards him and said YES and gave him a big kiss.

After that happened, everything felt so surreal and I thought I was dreaming. I even asked him to pinch me.

But, it was real and we are engaged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D Even though he had all these great plans on how the proposal was to go down and it may not have been everything he imagined, I could not ask for a perfect time and place.

The rest of our trip was just unbelievable, as you can see from our video!

We’re so excited to be in each other’s lives that we’ve already started looking into the wedding and our honeymoon! :)

Our Video