She Always Knew The Song Would Mean Something to Her...

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How We Met: I first noticed Jeremy during the fall of 2012, which was his senior baseball season at Utah Valley, where I play also play softball. I had to spend my time during our morning weight training riding a bike in the same room where Jeremy would do his work outs for pitching. We spent almost the entire semester playing the most awkward game of “make eye contact then quickly look away like you weren’t staring at them already.” It wasn’t until February of that year that Jeremy finally got the courage to talk to me, but after that day we couldn’t stop talking! Jeremy and I hit it off fast and with in weeks he became my very best friend. It didn’t take too long for me to realize that I had fallen for Jeremy. Almost two years later nothing has changed besides the fact that it’s only gotten better!

With in the last six months, things with Jeremy and I had started to get really serious and I knew that he was the guy that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. There’s something about having someone that makes this life sweet no matter where your are or what you are doing that makes it really easy to want to keep them by your side forever. Jeremy’s always had the ability to make my perspective on life seem extremely bright. It’s safe to say that he is the best decision I have ever made!

how they asked: On December 19th 2013, I hopped on the front-runner in Salt Lake City to meet my friends in Orem for a Christmas date we had planned together at Tucanos in the Provo River woods. (Little did I know that this date was never a real plan in the first place). Jeremy had told me the night before that he wasn’t going to be off of work until late that night so he was just going to meet me at the restaurant. When my friend and I got to the River Woods, she parked a full parking lot away from Tucanos claiming that she wanted to walk through the front entrance of the River Woods so she could see all the lights.

As we were walking we ran into the two other couples we were planning on meeting that night and they were standing in front of a gazebo with a performer playing music in it. Of course, with my zero tolerance for cold, I asked my friends if we could go and wait for Jeremy to get there inside of Tucanos but they insisted on staying outside and listening to the performer. As we were listening I started to realize that I had heard this performers voice before and I was trying to wrap my mind around who it was. As I was doing this he announced that he was going to play one more song…. The song was Hey Brown Eyes, a song that I have been listening to since I was 15 and always loved. My sappy side always had hoped that this song would mean something to me one day. I showed it to Jeremy early on in our relationship and it’s been “our song” ever since. The moment he announced he was going to be singing that song my heart started pounding. I had a feeling something was up and sure enough I glanced towards the back of the gazebo and saw Jeremy walking towards me with a rose in his hand.

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He grabbed my hand and popped the question; before I could even say anything I pretty much just fell in to his arms being completely over whelmed with how happy, surprised, and excited I was to be in that moment. It was the very best day of my life and I am so grateful that Tyson could capture the moment so beautifully so I could look back on it whenever I want to for the rest of my life!

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Video by Tyson Henderson