Serena and Zachary

How We Met

It was Memorial Day Weekend and I had brought a friend to the river in Yuma, AZ. We had spent the night before staying in the house and relaxing, so this night we decided to head out to the bar. There was a group of guys there, and my friend already knew them all, but I didn’t. They were all wearing American Flag Leggings, Fanny Packs, and Uncle Sam shirts, so they stuck out like a sore thumb. Zac and I ended up clicking, but we were having so much fun dancing like a big group, that I never even got his number. I thought it would end as just one of those fun nights out, where nothing would ever come of it. Fast forward a couple of months later I am with the same friend and she says she knows someone having a house party, so we decide to go. Guess who it is, that same group from the bar at the river. Zac and I hit it off again, but again he didn’t ask for my number. I can’t lie I was a bit disappointed. I left before my friend, but later she told me that Zac had said that I was THE ONE, my friend said good luck! A month later Zac finally got the courage to ask me on a date, but without my number that was a bit difficult, so he had to reach out on Instagram, so from then on we always joked that it went down in the DM.

How They Asked

I have been going to Lake Arrowhead since I was a little girl, it has become a tradition for my family to go up there at least once a year. Since Zac and I have been together we have been up there multiple times, so now it has also become a special place for us. For my birthday Zac surprised me with a trip, but I wasn’t allowed to know where I was going, only what I was supposed to bring (warm clothes and specifically, a special birthday dinner outfit). On our way there, we stopped and Zac surprised me by telling me my parents were joining us on this trip. I am so close to my parents that this was a great surprise, I couldn’t believe my Mom didn’t accidentally tell me! About halfway there I figured out where we were going, Lake Arrowhead, my favorite getaway, I was very excited. We started off the day by going to my favorite breakfast spot and walking through the quaint town. Then Zac and my Dad sent my mom and me to the spa to get our nails done, and told me that they would “go hang out and grab a drink.” Little did I know they were doing an entire setup of string lights and an arch back at the resort.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Lake Arrowhead, CA

We got back and got ready for my special birthday dinner when Zac started to get very quiet. Once we were ready, he said let’s take a picture at our favorite spot before dinner. Our favorite spot is the deck overlooking the water outside the resort. So we headed out there, when we got there it was beautiful all the lights were on and sparkling, there was this beautiful birchwood arch, and the sky was perfectly clear, it was the perfect setting for a photo. We took one photo and I turned and Zac was getting on one knee.

Where to Propose in Lake Arrowhead, CA

I yelled out “Oh My Gosh!” All the emotions started flooding my brain, I was so extremely happy. His proposal started with, “From the day that I met you, I knew I wanted to be with you forever.” I just about melted right then and there. The setting was beautiful, the moment was beautiful, and the ring was beautiful. He had put so much thought and time into this, it could not have been more perfect. I thought I couldn’t love anyone more than I loved him, but after this moment, I love him even more.

Special Thanks

Tina Leatherman (Mom)
 | Photographer
Joe Leatherman (Dad)
 | Planning