Serena and Kenny

How We Met

Kenny and I have been together for 4 years. We’ve built a beautiful life and home together. We have been inseparable since we met. We met thru friends in Newport Beach, California. After we met we went on a date a few days later and that really was it from there. Completely in love. Kenny is a Fireman and I am a 911 dispatcher. We both worked hard and built a beautiful life

how they asked

Kenny and I work very hard and don’t see each other very much. But we save up money for an amazing trip every year. Exploring the world is what we love to do together. This year we decided to take a trip to Thailand. We had been in the country about 7 days. Explored 3 different islands, and were having the time of our lives. Every night we watched the sunset before dinner. We were out on our balcony of our hotel in Ko Phi Phi Thailand. The view was blue waters & small islands all around. We were watching the sunset while Kenny went into the room to grab his camera. He came back out and ask me to stand and hugged me. He was shaking tremendously hugging me, reminding me he will love me forever. He then got down on his knee and proposed. Every emotion ran over me. I wanted to cry, I wanted to smile, I wanted to scream with joy. Everything was more beautiful then I could ever imagine. And I had no idea that he happened to get all of it on video in a very lucky perfect view after he set his camera on the balcony. It was the most amazing and memorable trip of our lives.

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