Serena and Aaron

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How We Met

🎵This the story of a girl, who cried a river and drown the whole world. Why she loo– 🎵 just kidding…well, a little.

Aaron and Serena went to the same high shop: Ottawa Township High School (2013 & 2015). Serena was/is a performer, and Aaron was/is an aspiring rapper. They would both participate in the Fine Arts Festival at school, and later Aaron admitted that he had seen Serena on stage and said, I will work with her on music someday.”Both the future bride + groom have had their fair share of hardships and relationship downfalls, bull all of those painful experiences have fortunately brought them together.

Aaron became friends with Spencer (Serena’s brother) through working at Pet Smart and then later at Route 6 Pro Wash where they realized their common interest in making music. Serena was in college at Columbia in Chicago studying Early Childhood Education and leading a show choir. She was in a relationship, but they won’t waste your time as that BOY wasted hers.

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For the longest time, Aaron was unaware that Spencer had a sister. Until one day Spencer asked Serena if he and his friend (Aaron) could stay at her apartment in Chicago. Serena was hesitant because she wasn’t a fan of Spencer’s friends. Reluctantly, she allowed them to stay there while she was away back home visiting Ottawa. When Serena returned to her place in the city, she was welcomed with a hempy, skunk-like smell… and a note. The note was left as a “Thank you” for letting them stay, and it was from Aaron. The girl they knew that THIS friend of her brother was different than the others.

After Serena graduated college she found herself living back with her grandma, and Aaron was over ALL THE TIME. All while Serena had a boyfriend, Aaron, and her shared laughs, life stories, and playful banter. Aaron began living as a roommate to Serena and Spencer at Grandma Maggie’s house officially in January of 2018. Once in March 2018, Aaron drove with Serena to hang out with her friends and boyfriend while Spencer was away with family for March Madness. Th all had a jam session, and Aaron ended up driving Serena’s car back to Ottawa and Serena went to her boyfriend’s house. Serena went through a breakup later that month, and Aaron really helped her through that difficult time. They began to share little moments together whenever they could, and it transitioned into flirting very quickly ye it was all authentic.

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In May of 2018, Aaron invited Serena to the bar with Spencer. They spent the entire night at each other’s side…but Spencer came into the bar when Aaron went to use the restroom and told Serena to “Stop flirting with his friend.” Aaron came out and Spencer told them, “You two…NEVER GONNA HAPPEN!” They abruptly all left the bar and took 3 separate directions to the same house. Spencer leads in front. Aaron was 10 paces behind trying to keep equidistant from his friend and love interest. Then Serena was falling behind in the caboose on the disengaged train to Grandma Maggie’s house. The three lived in the upstairs bedrooms of the home. First, Spencer’s door in the middle of the second level shut. Then, Aaron’s door on the right shut. Lastly, Serena’s door on the left shut.

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Serena + Aaron began to wonder if this would ever work. He didn’t want to lose his friends and she didn’t want to further piss off her brother. They decided their feelings were too deep NOT to pursue each other. However, this meant keeping the relationship on the down-low because they didn’t know how Spencer would react. Late-night talks, mid-day cuddles, and early morning kisses got them through this “having to hide from Spencer thing.” People in the family started to ask questions, but the couple just was not ready to confront Spencer.

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The brother the Serena / best friend to Aaron (Spencer) had his suspicions of course, but one day in August 2018 he confessed that he knew something was up to Grandma Maggie and Serena overheard the conversation from the steps. Spencer turkey came through for the couple and became one of their number one supporters. He finally came to grips with, “Who better for my sister than my best friend?”Later that year in November 2018, Spencer moved to AZ, and Aaron & Serena moved into their own apartment. Their love for each other has only grown greater each and every day.

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Some special and notable moments would be…

• getting their cat Chester (March 2019)

• attending various concerts including Jon Bellion and the Jonas Brothers

• supporting each other’s careers and hobbies by going to Serena’s plays and open mics, sharing Aaron’s music and projects

• proposing marriage and saying “Yes” (November 2019)

• getting their dog Bennington (February 2020)

• living through the COVD-19 pandemic

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Aaron proposed to Serena on November 9, 2019, at their apartment. They began planning their wedding with several tribulations including changes in location, date, and guest list deciding on December 18, 2020. However, the COVID-19 pandemic made planning the wedding they desired completely impossible. Aaron said and Serena eventually agreed, “Enough with the compromises. Let’s postpone and plan the wedding of our dreams for a later date.”

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Their new date is set for Saturday, January 1, 2022. HAPPY NEW YEAR! They could not imagine having their ceremony + reception without all of their loved ones present. The winter and Game of Thrones theme wielding is planned to take place at the Ironwood on the Vermilion Rural Event Center in LaSalle, IL with their wedding party: Matron of Honor (Brooklynn), Best Man (Tyler), and officiant (Spencer).

In the meantime between now and the weddings my, the two love birds intend on house hunting. They hope to find a place with a yard where Benny can play, and a place where they can create an in-home studio or creative space. Even though the wedding was postponed, the love they share still continues to blossom each day.

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How They Asked

Aaron’s mom had given him a ring to give Serena. This ring hand has been “lost down the road,” and Serena was present when the precious rock and metal was handed to Aaron. Serena would ask to wear the ring before the engagement for “practice,” which was code for…”really excited, so when are you going to pop the question?”

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Aaron knew Serena was not a fan of surprises, so he told her that he would propose on his birthday (Nov. 17, 2019). Impatiently, Serena was too eager and wanted it to be asked sooner than that date…typical. So, as romantic as it is, the couple was watching a Netflix movie entitled “End of the F***ing World.” Serena requested to wear the ring and told Aaron to just “propose already.” Serena wanted this moment to be just right, as did Aaron. She gave Aaron countless attempts at asking the words “Will you marry me?” and to be on ONE KNEE when doing it. Makeup-less, in pajamas, and I brushed hair / unpolished nails and all…SHE SAID “YES,” and he was relieved he didn’t have to ask again.

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