Serafina and Daniel

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How We Met

Daniel and I met sophomore year of high school at our church’s youth group, which was attached to the elementary and middle school I went to. During youth group we would catch up here and there, but both hanging out with different friends for the most part. Junior year of high school we joined the leadership team and bonded over how we both played volleyball. As the year went on, every Sunday night after youth group we would meet for frozen yogurt, catching up on our week because we wouldn’t see each other at school as we went to different high schools. As the year went on, we began to talk more and more and we ended up going on our first date to the Del Mar Fair in June of 2012, and the following week we started officially dating. A few months into us dating, Daniel’s mom realized we made our Holy Communion together (in 2002) but we did not meet as we were apart of different groups. We dug up our Holy Communion picture and found us in the same row, only 5 kids apart! 15 years later, he proposed and we will be getting married exactly (to the date) 7 years after our first date.

how they asked

I was coming home for Christmas and my mom told me to pack an outfit that I could wear to family photos, that would be on the beach, and preferably we would be wearing a pastel color. Family photos were scheduled to be on December 29th (2017) at 3pm. That morning my mom, sister, and I went to get our nails done, as we normally do whenever I visit from Seattle. We got our nails done and arrived home around 1pm, when as if everyone knew (but me) to immediately get ready and dressed for “pictures”. My family told me to follow suit but I didn’t want to sit in a dress for 2 hours waiting, but I eventually decided to get dressed. As I was getting dressed my mom told me she was going to get tights for my grandma and I thought nothing of it (looking back she was wearing pants and didn’t even need tights!) As I was getting ready my sister called me into the kitchen, I then realized everyone in my family (5 people) but her had left. I asked her where everyone had gone but her back was turned to me and she didn’t respond. She turned around and handed me an envelope that said “clue #1”, but I was still confused as to why everyone had left. She insisted I open the envelope and when I did I had no idea what was about to happen! The first words of the note said, “My Dearest Serafina,” and my heart immediately skipped a beat and I could barely read the rest of the note because I knew what was about to happen! I read the first clue which led me to his grandparents house, where they had a clue which led me to my high school in the same spot he asked me to Senior prom. At this location my best friend from high school was there waiting with another clue. The clue then led me to the same church we met (and where we will be getting married!), where my grandma was waiting for me with the next clue. This clue led me to the Del Mar Fairgrounds (where we had our first date), where my other best friend (who was on the group date to the fair), was waiting with the final clue. The final clue led me to the spot where he proposed, the Torrey Pines Gliderport. I nervously drove to the location and saw my name on two signs that lead me to where he was standing. Once I saw him I started running in my heels (I wasn’t necessarily planned for running down cliffs when I got dressed that day!) and all I could see was him standing there, completely oblivious of the cliffs and the ocean background! Daniel got down on one knee and proposed and I obviously said “yes!”. We toasted on the cliffs with champagne with our siblings and my two best friends involved in the proposal. It was the happiest day ever and ended with a surprise family dinner!

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 | Photographer