Sera and Omar

Sera's Proposal in Lajitas Golf Resort and Spa

How We Met

Sera and Omar met at Our Lady of the Lake University (OLLU) in San Antonio, Texas. Sera was wrapping up her undergraduate degree and Omar was just getting started. The pair met and bonded over the struggles of their anatomy and physiology course. Sera worked on campus at the convenience store and Omar just happened to be a regular at that same convenience store. The two would make small talk with each other and interact briefly, but it was an innocent friendship that led to Omar following Sera on social media. Sera walked the stage with her undergraduate degree in December 2014 and Omar stayed behind at OLLU to complete his degree. After graduation, Sera found a job in her hometown and moved back to Beeville. The couple remained in contact via social media and ultimately reconnected via Instagram one day…two years after that anatomy and physiology class. Omar reached out to Sera and reignited those butterflies that Sera would get when she would see that “cute shy freshman” from her anatomy and physiology class.

After they reestablished their communication with one another, Sera and Omar would talk to each other virtually everyday. They would literally stay up talking on the phone like you do with your high school crush. The couple met up for Omar’s 21st birthday in the city where they met, San Antonio, and the rest is history. Omar asked Sera to be his girlfriend a few weeks after his 21st birthday when she drove nearly half of a day to West Texas to go visit him. It was then that Omar told his best man that he knew he loved Sera and that she was the one for him. (Writer’s Note: That was TWO YEARS before he proposed!)

Where to Propose in Lajitas Golf Resort and Spa

how they asked

On their anniversary weekend in August 2018, Omar planned to participate in a golf tournament in Lajitas, Texas. Lajitas is located in West Texas and is fairly close to Big Bend National Park. Omar threw up around 5 times before proposing to Sera at the Lajitas Golf Resort and Spa in front of their closest friends. Lajitas was a special place for the couple because Sera is in love with all things West Texas and Omar is obsessed with golf because he is an ex-college golfer. (Writer’s Note: Sera does not remember saying YES because she was too busy UGLY crying.)

The couple will wed on September 28, 2019, at their alma mater, Our Lady of the Lake University’s Sacred Heart Chapel in San Antonio, Texas.

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