Sera and Dustin

How We Met

Our love story is a little more untraditional then how it is nowadays. Most people hate or are so against young marriage and say divorce is bound to happen. But, I’m here to prove them all wrong.

Dustin and I met my sophomore year of high school, and no we did not date and we weren’t best friends like most people would guess from most romance movies people watch. Yes, we were somewhat friends, but at the time that I met him, he was a senior with a girlfriend and I was an immature sophomore really into the dating world. I dated one of his friends for a few months and attended their senior prom with another one of his friends so I was always around. I did not talk to him much because I honestly had no interest because of his girlfriend.

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So, I put him in the back of my head and was to me, the hot quiet guy that was off-limits. That summer he ended his relationship with his girlfriend and instead of me making my move, I set him up with my cousin because I was too scared and she was bolder than I was…yes I know, I do not know what I was thinking. My cousin dated him for a short time but it did not work our well and that ended. Because of the girl code, I obviously was not going to come anywhere near him. So, we didn’t speak for over a year and a half and had no connection for a while.

November of 2017, Dustin was back in town and my cousin really wanted to get reconnected with him. But, my cousin was dating someone long distance and didn’t want to go alone because she felt like that was wrong. So, I decided to be a third wheel and tag along on this to be nice. We went on a drive with Dustin and I sat in the back seat of his cherry-red charger while they blasted music and talked. I decided since there was really no point in me being here that I would lay down in the back and take a nap. Which I did, only to be woken up to Dustin telling me that I was lame and he wanted to talk to me more. I was kind of shocked thinking he wasn’t here to hang with me and tried to sit up and join in. Later that night instead of texting my cousin he started talking and texting me. Asking questions about me and how life has been for the past year.

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My cousin slowly started to catch on that he was into me and I was into him. So, she told us to go out on a date and see what happens. We went to the movies and saw Greatest Showman because at the time that was the movie everyone was talking about. It went well and we started to hang out more and more and our feelings grew for one another. Our second date I went to a fancy restaurant where I met 7 out of the 8 siblings he has. I did my best not to have a full panic attack, but his family was all going out to eat and they told him to bring a date. So, there I was on a date with his whole family second date in. Most would say that was the moment they were out of there and saying it was moving way to fast already. I however really notice how much I liked him. Watching him interact with his family and how much of a gentleman he was on the date just sent me straight into being lovesick.

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Our relationship started happening officially in January and has been great ever since. We have traveled a lot, been through some medical struggles together, and were really pushed into our relationship by some real hard life things early on. You would think it would have ruined our relationship, but it made us stronger. Having to help take care of your partner mentally and physically is a beautiful thing if you truly love someone. I have been forever grateful for that opportunity because it really taught me what true love felt like.

We have been married now for over a year, about to rent our first home and get a puppy as all young married couples tend to follow. It’s been a beautiful, crazy, exhausting, painful year but I wouldn’t change a thing.

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How They Asked

Leading up to a proposal is a lot of anticipation and people just so excited and waiting for it to happen. Mine was a little different than that. You see I had just graduated high school when I was proposed too and when the rumors spread that it may be happening many people told me I was being really stupid and really naïve. It was hard because I been really happy for the first time in a long time. I had family members and people I looked up to tell me I was making a huge mistake (this did continue till the day we were married). So, as much as I was really feeling like I was ready to get married, I felt like no one supported my decision. Luckily my family was supported and let me make this decision on what makes me happy. Dustin and I had talked about marriage and I told him I was ready whenever because he truly was the one for me. I did my best pushing other people’s feelings on marriage away and focused on myself and what I truly felt. Marriage is a hard thing, but no one deserves being told they should or shouldn’t be married. Everyone has the right to decide how they feel and what they want for their future. So that’s what I did and it’s worked very well for me.

The Fourth of July was coming up and I had family up in Payson, Arizona. So, my family had decided to go up to go hiking and enjoy fireworks up in the mountains. The day we got there I was told I needed to get dressed nicely to go to a nice dinner with the family. My mom, while I was getting ready, said she had to go “run some errands” for the fourth and needed Dustin’s help. So, I got all dolled up and ready to go when Dustin arrived by himself. A little confused, he told me the family all left and I was the last one ready so we were going to be late. It wasn’t surprising for me to be running late, but no one told me so I was a little confused. We got in my cousin’s Jeep and drove around the rim. We talked and were enjoying the nice weather and pretty views, while also “struggling” to find the place we were supposed to go.

When we finally found it he parked far away, we had to walk and he also sent a message to my mother saying we were here. So, I started to suspect something was up. We walked this pretty path on this golf course that was surrounded by forest and mountains. We rounded this corner to a path of little lights and photos hanging everywhere of him and I. I started to get excited/nervous and started to do my thing where I laugh and talk a lot to compensate for the butterflies in my stomach. We walk to the end of a path where he stops in the middle of the golf course. He looks at me and starts to tell me how much he loves me and has been waiting for this day for a long time. He goes on to say gushier, cute things that I’ll keep to myself, but I got a little antsy and told him to ask already! He got down on one knee and proposed and after he put the ring on and we kissed I could hear cheering from the top of the hill. I turn around to see all my family videoing, taking pictures, and being very excited. It was the best day ever. It was simple, Pinterest worthy, but the best proposal ever. It was the start of our happily ever after and I will never forget it.

Special Thanks

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