Seneca and Zach

Proposal Ideas Anaconda, MY

At the beginning of July, my dad talked to me about going to Montana with just him for a business trip. I absolutely loved the idea but wanted Zach to come as well, so I was sad everyday leading up to me leaving. Zach took us to the airport and that was that. Little did I know, Zach was on his way to Montana with the dogs to surprise me. Zach ended up getting there the following morning and I was so so so surprised! Little did I know, there was more surprises to come…

My Grandpas birthday was that weekend and I thought we were having a little party for him at my cabin, so my dad and I went to the store to get a few things while Zach hung out with his family (got ready for the proposal). When we got back, I called Zach to see if he wanted to come back to the cabin and help me get ready. He literally told me no because he is the worst liar ever and couldn’t keep the secret (I was so mad at him). While I was at the cabin getting ready, he was driving my best friend up to the top of our favorite spot to be able to take pictures for us. He finally came back and insisted on taking a drive before everyone got there for the party. Be being the stubborn one that I am, I said no because there was so much more I needed to do. My dad jumped in and told me he would take care of everything and that we should go (thank goodness). We were on our way when Zach stopped in the middle of the trail and asked if we wanted to shoot his pistol, I didn’t think anything of this at the time because it is so him, but turns out he was just that nervous and needed to let go of some steam, go figure. After he was done, we continued on and got to the top of the mountain. We got out of the car, we both didn’t say a whole lot and just looked at the view .

At this point I really had no idea what was happening until Zach looked at me and was like “okay, take some pictures” in the most awkward voice one can have, then I knew. But, I took pictures anyways and Zach was behind me trying to get the ring out of his boot, he really planned that one out. Then I turned around and Zach was on one knee and asked if I would marry him and I said yes! It was so perfect in every single way because it was so us! After a several hundred pictures later, we went back to our cabin to what was actually a surprise engagement party, opposed to my grandpas birthday, with our family and it was so much fun. We are both so excited for our future and everything to come. I truly can’t believe I get to marry the man of my dreams!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Anaconda, MY