Senando and Anne

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How We Met

I met Anne in a construction project at Taguig, Philippines since we are both working on the same field. She was on the builder side and I am part of the management team. Too late I realised, i’ve wasted 2 years or less before I confessed my feelings for Anne. 30 days after being in relationships, I need to travel and work in Singapore. We both missed the chance to celebrate our first monthsary together.

how they asked

A lot of list and ideas popped into my mind on how it goes. Fifty Shades movie date then after the film I will propose, or a candle night dinner in beach inside a rental tent which seems like hotel room setup before I settled to proposed up in the air, literally.

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The actual day itself is a little bit hassle. The venue is a “twin” ride (skyline and Luge). Ideally, you need to ride on skyline(going up) then luge(going down). Basically we started at the exit and my other friends are on the other side(skyline entry point). Then we meet halfway and this is the time I proposed to Anne. The funny thing is, out of her suprised seeing her friends, Brother and Sister in law on the other side, Anne seems ignored me for a moment and i’M patiently waiting (while shaking holding the ring and scared that ring might fall) for her answer. After a minute, finally, Anne said Yes !

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