Semhar and Daniel

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How We Met

I was on a hike with a friend when my brother randomly called me telling me he was taking a road trip to DC. He said his friends were going too, but there was space for me in the car if I wanted to join. It was summertime, and as a teacher, I enjoyed the luxury of being able to take the last minute (basically free) trip with my only sibling. DC has always been my favorite city so I called one of my high school best friends up and told her I might come down that weekend. She started planning out events for us to go to and told me I had a place to stay. Just like that I hopped in the car that weekend and was on the way to the nation’s capital!

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Daniel was there for the Eritrean soccer tournament, and we both met while we were enjoying the soccer tournament festivities. According to him, he saw me the day before we actually met, but I was too focused on my friends to pay attention to others around me. Thankfully, he’s persistent, and we ran into each other at another soccer tournament event the next day. Fortunately, I lost my friends at that event and he found his opportunity to introduce himself. We talked for about an hour, he asked for my number, and I could not wait to hear from him again!

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how they asked

We decided that we’d avoid Valentine’s Day rush and celebrate the day before. I figured that we were going to just have a nice dinner, avoid Nashville traffic, and hopefully not have to wait anywhere! We get to the restaurant and the hostess was unusually chipper, but I thought it was just her personality. She took my coat and told us she was going to give a tour of this historic mansion turned restaurant.

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We’re getting our tour and she starts taking us down these dark, cobblestone steps. At this point, I’m a little suspicious because it’s so dark and we’re going downstairs. Should I be afraid? Am I going to die? Daniel seems okay, so I guess let’s just keep going. I see some light and curtains, and the hostess says, “Here’s your room!” I have this huge smile on my face because Daniel is holding my hand, squeezing it and obviously something is up!

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I open the red, velvet curtains and we’re in a wine cellar that has a table for two. Candles were lit, roses were everywhere, and there was a big wooden mystery box, sitting on the table. It was super romantic and I was speechless. We talked and I got pretty emotional knowing that this was going to be a super special night. After we talked, he asked me to read the card on the roses and then open the box. As I was opening the box, he got down on one knee.

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In the box, there were red velvet cupcakes (because he knows my heart that well) and the cupcakes spelled out, “Will You Marry Me?” Of course, I said YES!

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Special Thanks

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