Selina and Ricardo

How We Met

Ricardo and I met in grade 7 he was small but still stood out from the rest. I saw him as very shy but always very interested in me like I was the only one in the room. We dated like children for a year…. and for elementary school, it felt like forever.

We grew apart as we graduated in high school but from afar we always kept in touch. updating each other on what has changed in our life new love interest new moments that we needed to share. From a mile away I could spot him, he always wore these beat headphones and walked solo. He was a very private person. I would run up to him yelling, Ricardo !! No answer of course, “the headphones.” I would jump up because he is almost 6 feet and I’m still 5ft. Yelling why are you ignoring me, he would shy away and say I didn’t hear you with a smile so bright.

We would walk for lunch together and always end up at the green electrical box by his house behind a fence. He would lean against it, and something would always pull us together. Sharing a kiss. A soft touch to my face. The warmth of love deep in our hearts from young love.

For me, Ricardo has always been someone special to me, no matter how many times our paths pushed us away from each other….it still seemed like, at the end of the path, we would always meet again.

Present time, we re-connected to go to the movies. Young adults now, he has a car! I always have seen him as this young shy boy and now he’s a man, a big masculine deep-voiced man.

After that long night of talking endlessly, catching up again. I knew we would never leave each other’s sides again.

I could feel that warm love … I still loved him but after all these years…That feeling never went away? I thought to myself.

Together, at last, the first month and he gave me a spare key to his house.

He told me “if you ever needed a place to stay you’ll always have a home with me”

How They Asked

I’m brought by my best friend, who is also a photographer and Ricardo; to an old building, we have downtown. LEADING UP TO THE MOMENT, I’m thinking it’s just another photoshoot for her portfolio. It wasn’t. To my surprise, they had planned this for months. Ricardo was waiting for me to graduate college. My bestfriend has pulled me towards her and said act surprised and Rico is going to run and hug you while spinning you.

I immediately became scared and covered my eyes. Something was bound to go wrong, With my luck.
I heard him behind me, I tensed up the run he was about to make but nothing …
”Mi amor(My love) ,” he says
I turned around and said “yes”
uncovering my eyes
there He was, the young boy that I remember from years ago, down on one knee. Everything froze for me but I heard whispers in the background of my movie moment

he says “will you be mine forever”
I couldn’t imagine what to say I was speechless
“Please,” he says as he’s still on his knee
I realized this is real and laughed
“of course I am,” I said as I pulled him from the ground.
I said yes, I’ve been saving my yes for him.

Special Thanks

Samantha Elrafih
 | Photographer
 | Photographer