Selina and Mike

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How We Met

Believe it or not Michael and I met almost 16 years ago. He was an assistant instructor for my little brother’s taekwondo class. Then we both found ourselves in Charleston, SC during our years in college and then by chance we found each other again in downtown Columbia, SC celebrating both of our friends’ birthdays. I stand firm in the belief that God knew Michael and I were meant for each other 16 years ago and He kept giving us opportunities to see it for ourselves. It took us over a decade to figure it out but boy oh boy was it worth the wait!

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how they asked

Michael set up a double date for us to go ice skating which was our very first date 12 years ago. Suspicious. He said it was Craig’s girlfriend’s idea to go because she thought it was something cute and different to do. No longer suspicious. So we had this date set for about 2 weeks, the week I get sick. Michael was being optimistic saying that I’ll be better before Friday. Tuesday still sick, Wednesday still sick – I actually go home from work. I tell Michael I don’t think I’m getting better but he kept saying just rest and take medicine because we can’t cancel on Craig. Suspicious. I actually go home again on Thursday and call out Friday. Michael tells me if I really don’t feel well then we can obviously cancel but to wait and see how I feel midway through Friday. No longer suspicious. I rest up all day Friday and muster the strength to go on this double date.

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We get to the ice rink (the very same one from our very first date) and the girl checking us in says its a raffle night and they’ll be doing drawings at 8:00 and 8:30 and hands us our tickets. We put on our skates and at this point, it’s 7:40 our date was set for 7:30. Craig texts Michael saying they are stuck in traffic – I was stuck in the same traffic so I believed him. We decide to go ahead and start without them so we skate around the rink for a while and soon enough its time for the raffle so they kick everyone off the ice.

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I never win anything ever so I stood in the back away from everything and we see them roll out a red carpet and Michael tells me we should move up so we can see. We move up and I search for my ticket (which I almost threw away because again I NEVER win anything). They start calling the number and what do you know it’s my ticket! I awkwardly walk with my skates on to the center of the ice and I notice these girls in the background holding signs.

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The first thing I think of is if this is like a game show night where I have to participate I’m going to have an anxiety attack! The guy asks my name and then says okay its time to pull the next winning ticket and as he struggles to hold the mic and the bucket I see that there is a ticket taped to the bottom of the bucket. SUSPICIOUS! Of course, it was Michael’s ticket and he got the mic and proposed and the girls in the background flipped their signs over and it said: “will you marry me?”

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