Selin and Paul

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How We Met

Paul and I met in NYC at 4:30 AM after a night out in NYC. I had left a club with my best friend and was crossing the street. While I was crossing the street, Paul happened to be getting out of a cab with his friends. My best friend is from the same neighborhood so she recognized the group of guys and said hello. I stood there and Paul kissed me on the cheek and said hello.

How They Asked

In 2018 I took Paul on a trip to Istanbul to see Turkey (where my family is from). He was a bit overwhelmed from all the activities I planned out and it definitely wasn’t a relaxing trip. I promised him that the next time we went to Turkey we’d take it easy and go to a coastal town and be on the beach instead of touring a city. So, in 2019 I planned a trip for us to go to a few beach towns in Turkey and also visit Greece.

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The first hotel we stayed in was absolutely magical to say the least and the first day we were there Paul told me he had a surprise planned that evening. Later that day we both got dressed, headed to the bar for a couple of drinks, and Paul asked me if I was ready for my surprise. He walked me over to a dock and there was a beautiful boat waiting to pick us up, and Paul mentioned we’d be taking a ride in the sunset. There was fruit, Champagne, and amazing music. As we were drinking Champagne Paul said we should take turns making toasts (something we regularly do, so to me it didn’t seem so odd).

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I went first, and then told Paul it was his turn. I honestly cannot even remember what he said those few minutes right before he popped the question because I thought I blacked out, but his toast ended in “I want to spend the rest of my life with you, will you marry me”?

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