Sela and Trey

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How We Met

Trey and I met at the University of Arkansas. The first night I met him I was at a bar with a bunch of my sorority sisters on a place all of the college kids hangout called Dickson Street. I love how our love story started in my college town Fayetteville Arkansas. After exchanging numbers trey had reached out to me the very next day asking me to go to lunch. I thought he was so adorable so I said sure. After lunch I drove back to El Dorado Arkansas which is my hometown for Christmas Break. All Christmas break we talked on the phone every single night. I had never met any guy like him who I had connected with so well. He told me when I got back to Fayetteville he wanted to cook me dinner. I was so excited to meet him for dinner because he had this really cute date planned.

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He lives in this 200 year old log cabin that his parents raised him in so he had dinner ready, the fire going, and a Christmas movie ready for us to watch. About a month in the relationship he asked me to be his girlfriend then 6 months later I studied abroad in Rome. After my 6 weeks of Studying Abroad in Rome he surprised me with train tickets to backpack Europe. This is where our love story really started. I knew in Europe that he was going to be the man that I would marry someday. We had all of the same ideas and dreams in life.He has took me to some of the most beautiful places in the world like Paris, Austria, and Switzerland.

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We both love to travel and I see it in our future. Everyday is an adventure with him. Whether he is paragliding, taking me rock climbing with him, or booking a plane ticket to CostaRica. it is always an adventure with him by my side! <3

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how they asked

Trey and I had planned a trip To Charleston South Carolina. He had some vacation days left from work and I said we can celebrate my 25th birthday early. Charleston South Carolina has always been a place I have wanted to visit. I love old historical antebellum homes and plantations and I knew Charleston had all of that southern charm. Before this trip treys brother had texted him asking if he was going to propose. I was right beside trey when his brother had sent him the text and he said no and that he still had money to save up. In my head I was thinking he was still saving money. When we got to Charleston everyone told us that we needed to go see ” The Angel Oak Tree”.

The angel oak tree was a 1500 year old tree and it looked like something straight out of a fairy tale. This tree was 30 minutes outside of Charleston and down a dirt road in the middle of South Carolina. When we got there it was pretty packed so we spent a lot of our time watching this guy paint the beautiful oak tree. After about 2 hours I told Trey I was ready to go and we still had a lot to see in Charleston. It also was about to rain. During that moment and those two hours while I was talking about leaving he was brainstorming the perfect time to propose. It couldn’t have been more perfect because it was sprinkling rain and everybody was leaving. Trey told me he wanted to take one more picture before we left in the back of the tree because it would be a good spot.

I love taking pictures so it wasn’t an unusual thing for him to ask me that because we take pictures on the tripod every time we travel. When he took me to the back of the tree he acted like we were taking a picture together and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

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Of course, I said YES!!! He got it all on video. The picture and the spot he chose to propose couldn’t be more romantic and magical. Trey also knew my dream was to get married under a big oak tree which made this day even more special. My favorite part about this day is the painter who we had watched for those 2 hours and how the painter ended up giving us one of his paintings. That painting will always have a special meaning to us and will look perfect in our first home.

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Needless to say, Charleston South Carolina will always have a special place in my heart as well as that magical 1500 year old oak tree.

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