Seirra and Brandon

How We Met

Brandon and I met my parents house because he was our computer technician. We spent the night laughing with my family and him trying to stay focused on fixing our computer.

how they asked

Brandon and I had left at 5:30 in the morning for a 2.5 hour drive to the Pennsylvania Horse Expo with our friends. We finally got to the expo and was having a great day. We were sitting at the horse arena when my best friend asked me to go to the bathroom with her in the middle of the show. So being her best friend I got up and went with her. While we were leaving the arena, a complete stranger handed me a rose, then another then another. I couldn’t understand why these strangers were handing me roses until about the third red rose was handed to me. All twelve red roses were handed to me as we were leaving the arena, Brandon got down on one knee. We were shaking so badly and I was crying but when he asked if I would marry him, of course Isaid yes!

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