See This Minted Couple's Adorable Proposal and Stationery

We’re adding something new to the mix with this one! Minted, one of our favorite companies for stationery and other wedding paper goods, introduced us to one unbelievably adorable couple to share their love story and wedding details! Emily and Sanjay sent over some of the sweet ways they used Minted to make their wedding beautiful and we’re very excited to showcase it. Don’t miss all their amazing photos – from their private boat proposal to their champagne save the date!

Oh and if you’re wanting to use Minted yourself, they’re giving HowTheyAsked readers 20% off your first wedding purchase, using the code HHAWED20. Or, if you want to get samples, use the code HHA10FREE to receive $10 credits. Both are valid through 2/29/2016!


how we met

Sanjay and I met in 2006 when we were in college at LMU – I was only a freshman. His maturity was striking, and like a true gentleman, he courted me for several months before we started dating at the end of the school year. Over the last decade we grew up together, and grew together when we were apart. At one point we went our separate ways, ultimately because we were at different places in our lives; he had been out of college for a while and I was still in college. But, I live by the mantra, “if it’s meant to be it will be.” About a year later, Sanjay’s job moved him to Austin, Texas, while I was still living in Los Angeles, California. It was on my first trip to visit him that I decided I had to move to Austin. I was sitting across the table from Sanjay at dinner on our first night out, when I experienced blissfulness that was so pure and undeniable, that my path became crystal-clear. I had never before encountered a moment quite like that, or a crossroads more worthy of the phrase: follow your heart. So, I did just that. I moved to Austin and since then, we have been virtually inseparable.



how they asked

In March of 2014, Sanjay took me on a trip to Charleston, South Carolina. The trip marked our third annual tradition of picking a spot on the map where neither of us had been before (the year prior, Sanj surprised me with a trip to Puerto Vallarta for our anniversary). We were still living in Austin, and Charleston came highly recommended given our proclivity for good food and the South. Yet Charleston is not easy to get to. There are no direct flights, and, when we arrived at the Austin airport, we received news that our flight was delayed. This was especially discouraging to hear because our connecting flight out of Dallas was the last one leaving for Charleston that day. Sanjay, who is abnormally level-headed, was getting more agitated with each unfavorable airline update. It was so out of character for him, but I attributed his distress to the fact that we had a dinner reservation that evening which was made months in advance. It became evident that we would not reach Charleston that day when in a twist of fate, a magnificent airline assistant convinced our connecting plane to wait for us. Thanks to him we arrived in Charleston on schedule, and even made it to our special dinner reservation!

In keeping with Sanjay’s flair for throwing surprises, and my love for receiving them, he kept our hotel a secret until we arrived. It turned out to be a historic landmark from the 1760s, and it was the quintessence of romance. We stayed at a charming bed & breakfast in the middle of the city’s quaint historic district. We spent the next couple of days eating our way through town, exploring old plantations, and canoeing through cypress gardens. We were having the time of our lives, and I even texted my girlfriends that same sentiment. To my complete oblivion, the best was yet to come…

On Friday afternoon we wandered through city market, and Sanjay became fixated on finding a Stetson straw hat. In reality, he was worried about the time and tried to end our meandering, but that observation was made in hindsight. After an ambitious hat purchase, he told me it was time to go back to the b&b because he had another surprise up his sleeve. The only hint he gave was, “it’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time,” coupled with a “Sanjay smirk” that I have come to know so well. Naturally, I was convinced he was going to make me jump out of a plane, which he has been trying to do for years. He advised me to dress warmly, and comfortably. Clearly for skydiving. To my pleasure, we instead ended up at the Charleston harbor. I guessed we would be going on a dinner cruise. Much better than skydiving! Sanjay led me down the dock of the marina, past aisles of yachts, until we came across one named “Fate.” The captain welcomed us aboard and I was instantly overwhelmed with gratitude and all things happy. I remember thinking how incredibly thoughtful Sanj was to rent a private boat for a sunset sail, and feeling very lucky. As we began pulling out of the harbor, my heart almost exploded when we saw dolphins swimming and jumping alongside our boat.

March 21st 2014 Bhatia ProposalIMG_1924

The sail was already picturesque, but as we neared the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge, the captain suggested we spend some time on the bow of the boat. Sanjay and I eagerly settled amongst perfectly propped pillows on the bow. We started reflecting on our past, as our anniversary was approaching. Then he began saying all of these romantic things that I will never remember because his words were replaced by my internal dialogue, which sounded like, “could this be my moment?!” The transition was so smooth that until he propped himself up on one knee, I was still not positive that he was proposing.

March 21st 2014 Bhatia ProposalIMG_1836

March 21st 2014 Bhatia ProposalIMG_1872

When he asked me to marry him, my mind went blank in the most brilliant way that only happens when emotions supersede words. He had designed the ring himself (with the help of a jeweler), which made it all the more special and unanticipated. We celebrated with a bottle of Dom Perignon that Sanjay brought all the way from northern California, where he had asked my entire family for their permission to marry me. After wiping my happy tears, Sanjay pointed to the back of the boat where the captain stood, revealing that he moonlit as a photographer and had captured our special moment. Good thing I convinced Sanjay not to wear that straw hat!

March 21st 2014 Bhatia ProposalIMG_1828

March 21st 2014 Bhatia ProposalIMG_1876

our stationery from minted

I chose Minted because the website is incredibly easy to use, and has a fantastic selection of design options. I was drawn to the fact that designs are submitted by artists, and voted on by users. It keeps the selection fresh and relevant. Importantly, it was crucial that I be heavily involved in the invitation design process, but I, of course, am not a “designer,” so I wanted the ability to play around with and customize a variety of designs to help narrow my scope. Minted affords that capability – it is wonderful because the software is extremely user-friendly, and you can see what your invitations will look like in real time. The Minted team was also quick to respond to my various requests to customize the invitations we had chosen, beyond what was available through the online user tools. For example, in the design template we selected, there were two spaces to list meal options. However, we offered three meal options to our guests, and instead of using text for the meal descriptions, I wanted to label the options with picture icons (i.e. cow for beef, chicken for poultry, etc.). Within 24 hours, the design team executed my request. Another perk is that Minted does free guest and return addressing, making the process hassle-free from start to send.

Here’s our save the date!


unnamed (2)

(The Save the Date design is called “Cottage Florals” by Kristen Smith, and you can see similar items for your wedding here)

And our invites!



(The Invitation Suite’s design is called “Longwood Estates” by Jennifer Wick and you can see these invites and more over on Minted!)

Again, if you’re wanting to use Minted yourself, they’re giving HowTheyAsked readers 20% off your first wedding purchase, using the code HHAWED20. Or, if you want to get samples, use the code HHA10FREE to receive $10 credits. Both are valid through 2/29/2016!

And finally… a shot from the big day…





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