Sedona and Carl


How We Met

Cj and I met in 2013, my senior year in College at Arizona State University.  We both went to ASU (he graduated 2012) and was back visiting his younger brother (we never met when he actually attended ASU).  It was one of the biggest games of the season against our rival U of A and he is a HUGE football fan – THANK GOD WE WON THAT NIGHT.  One of my best friends begged me to go to this country bar so we could see this guy that she considered her “brother”.  After the big win we were ready to celebrate so I gladly went along.  Once we got there, they were so excited to see each other and I was just hanging out when my friend eventually wandered downstairs and it was just Cj and I.

He asked if he could buy me a beer and I said yes and we sat outside and talked on a wooden picnic table for hours.  We literally talked about everything – our lives, our aspirations, how things went after college compared to his dreams, what he wanted to do next, what I wanted to do after I graduated – in the middle of a patio surrounded by drunk college kids stumbling everywhere.  Somehow it didn’t matter who was around us and we made our way to the dance floor.  We danced like idiots (after a few fireball shots) until the bar started closing…he walked me home and got himself a cab where I didn’t really think I would see him again.  He asked my friend for my number and texted me asking if we could hang out if he flew back in 2 weeks….he never stopped coming back every 2 weeks until 8 months later when I graduated and moved from Arizona to Idaho to be with him.

how they asked

My parents are avid cyclers and were in Seattle for a bicycle race from Seattle to Portland (they had this planned for 6 months so I didn’t think anything of them being in town).  On July 23rd my mom said she really wanted to try out this breakfast place near Lake Union and breakfast being my and Cj’s favorite meal of the day of course we said yes!  After we had breakfast we walked around Lake Union as the sun was starting to come out of the usual clouds of Seattle.

My mom thought the float planes taking off/landing on the lake were so cool and said she wanted to check them out.  Considering she lives in Arizona and never gets to see water and my Grandpa (her dad) was a General in the Air Force meaning she basically grew up on planes, none of this surprised me.  We went to Kenmore Air which is a mini airport for float planes from Seattle to islands in the surrounding area and Canada.

We walked in and Cj started talking to the lady at the front and told me they agreed to let us tour a plane!  I thought that was really odd because they were pretty busy but excited nonetheless!  We waited out on the viewing deck for 15 minutes when I said, “Are you sure this is happening?  We’ve seen a lot of planes and it’s cool but if we can’t go inside one of them there’s no point in just watching them all day.”  2 minutes after I said this the woman at the front came out and said, “Cj, your plane is ready.”


I instantly got up and was like, “What do you mean YOUR plane is ready?  Did you get us a plane?!”  I thought he was trying to be sweet to my parents and surprised us with a plane ride around Seattle when I was led out to the dock and quickly realized my parents weren’t coming….At this point completely confused, the pilot started telling us the emergency procedures and there was no time to ask questions.  Cj and I loaded into this tiny float plane, put on these ear muffs with a microphone to talk to each other, and we took off seeing all the amazing parts of Seattle from the best view anyone could ever have.


I was pretty much silent trying to process everything that was happening and wondering is this it?  Is this not?  Is he trying to impress my parents?  I was trying to take it all in while seeing Seattle from what will be my most favorite view of all time.  We start flying towards the Puget Sound and the pilot asks us if we would like to go to a beach?  I look to Cj because I am still trying to process everything and I say, “Yeah, I could go to a beach, what do you think?”  Cj quickly responds with, “Yeah, let’s go to the beach!”  Our pilot tells us there’s this awesome island near by called Blake Island that has an amazing view of Seattle and is an absolute must see.  We land on the water surrounded by all these boats that are camping on the island and everyone is staring at us (apparently landing a plane near an island is NOT normal).

We jumped onto the island and our pilot hands Cj a picnic basket with our blanket (my parents had put together a basket for us and dropped everything off).  Cj asks me to pick a spot to have a picnic so we walk across the island so we have a good view of Seattle.  Still completely confused and somewhat catching onto what is going on but not wanting to jump to conclusions….we sit down.  Cj asks me what I thought of the plane and told me he’s wanted to share that experience with me ever since he went on one for a fishing trip the year prior.  He told me he heard it was the best way to see Seattle and since I loved Seattle so much he wanted to make sure I saw it from the best view possible.

He then goes on to tell me that everything has been the best possible since we met and he wanted to make sure I got the best possible for the rest of my life.  That I deserved someone who would make every experience of my life the best and that he promised he would be that person for me.  He said I deserved the world and that he’s been the best version of himself since meeting me; he couldn’t imagine doing this life with anyone else and that is why he wanted to ask me to be in his life forever.  We were sitting side by side as he got on one knee and asked me to marry him…

I asked, “Should I stand up for this?!”  He assured me it was fine that I was sitting as I exclaimed that I could never imagine the rest of my life with anyone else and it was obviously a YES!


After kissing and hugging I finally looked down at my ring to see my dream ring I had always imagined.


We celebrated with champagne and donuts on the beach.  After about an hour we walked back to our plane and as we got on, the people on the beach had all come together after realizing what had happened and screamed, “CONGRATULATIONS!!”




We got on the plane and flew away as everyone waved goodbye….our pilot took us to view some different parts of Seattle while Cj and I were just so excited we could barely stop looking at each other!


We landed back on Lake Union and as I got off the plane I see all these people waving and screaming from the dock.  My brother had joined my parents, Cj’s entire family was there, Cj’s best friends and my best friends.


I break down and instantly start bawling crying, realizing i just committed my life to the most thoughtful and caring man I could have only imagined in my dreams.


We celebrated the rest of the day with way too many tequila shots, flowers from Pike Place, and ridiculous amounts of dancing.

Special Thanks

Blue Nile