Sebastian and Estefania

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how we met

Sebastian and I met at a party in April of 2016; he was introduced to me by his sister, who was attempting to accomplish this for quite some time. A month later, he conveniently landed a part-time job at my place of employment, but there still wasn’t a connection despite seeing more of each other. Around July, we both attended a going away party for a co-worker and that night was where he finally made his move. He built the courage to ask for my phone number and that was the beginning to a series of long conversations. After a few months of texting and conversing, Sebastian took me out to dinner at a Peruvian/Japanese restaurant. From that moment forward, I started to see him differently as a result of our mutual interest which ignited my interest in him.

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A few weeks following that night, Sebastian left for New York to visit his family. During his absence, I encountered a situation where I was in need of someone to speak to in person in order to express my feelings about something. At that moment, I realized that Sebastian had become more than just a friend and despite not being physically present, his words and attentiveness calmed me. Shortly after returning from New York, Sebastian suggested that we should take a trip to Orlando Florida to visit Disney World. And it was on this trip that he asked me to be his girlfriend. Sebastian waited until the grand finale of the firework show to ask me to be his girlfriend and off course I said yes.

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how they asked

A few more months pass by and things are amazing. It’s now Thanksgiving Day and Sebastian planned a day of relaxation for us at Tree Tops Park in Davie FL. before heading out to a family dinner later that evening. As we entered the wooded area of the park, Sebastian asked me if I trust him, because he wanted to blindfold me. I was under the impression he had some romantic picnic set up in the park, so I went along with being blindfolded.

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Sebastian guided me as we walked through the park; the experience was actually calming. We came to a stop and my blindfold was removed. Before me was members of our family holding up the letters to spell out “CASEMONOS”, which translates to “Marry Me”.

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I was filled with emotions; I cried and then embraced him tightly. Sebastian then got down on one knee, took out a beautiful diamond ring and asked, would you do me the honors of being with me for the rest of my life? My answer was YES!

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