Colette and Ross | Proposal at the Seattle Space Needle

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How we met: Ross and I met during our freshman year of college at Oregon State University. We were living in the same dorm, I spotted him in the hall one night, and it’s all history from there. Post-college my job took me up to Seattle, and he joined me for the adventure. Throughout everything he’s always been my best friend. I think that’s what makes us so “us”. It doesn’t take much for us to just sit and laugh, no one can make me smile like he can, we 100% get each other. We met at 19 and between freshman year in college and the the proposal (about 8.5 years later), we’ve really grown up together. He is my rock, my inspiration, and my forever love.

How he proposed: Ross proposed on a late Seattle summer day. It was a few days before he was moving down to Oregon to start a new job, and I wouldn’t be joining him for another couple months. We were saying goodbye to our downtown Seattle condo and moving back “home”, closer to our families. For the last 3 years we had been living in this amazing building, a few blocks from the Space Needle. It had the most breathtaking rooftop deck, with the best views of the city sky line. (I should preface this story by letting you know that Ross has always been deathly afraid of heights). So many nights we sat on the rooftop gazing at the Space Needle, and I would try to convince him to go up to the top with me. He would occasionally try to work up the courage, but he would get queasy just standing at the base of it and looking up. Going to the top was not something I ever thought I’d see him do.

About a week before Ross was headed back to Oregon for his job, he told me that on Saturday he wanted to go to the Space Needle. His final Seattle city experience while he was still a “local”. Slightly in shock at this statement, I accepted, and we agreed to go up on Saturday morning. I don’t think I ever thought he would actually go through with it. Saturdaymorning rolls around, and he’s dressed and ready to go. Come to think of it, he was dressed up a little more than he normally would be for a Saturday morning outing (I probably would have spent a little more time on my outfit/hair/makeup too if I knew what was ahead of me). We head out and walk the few blocks. I vividly remember holding hands with him and his sweaty palms and how nervous and distracted he seemed, but at the time I attributed all of that to his phobia of heights. To my dismay we actually make it through the ticket booth, up the stairs, to the elevator, and up to the top. It’s a beautiful clear day, the sun is out, and there are quite a few people around. We wander around inside for a few minutes, and he started asking me weird random questions. Like, “Did you like your breakfast?” I remember laughing at him, trying to figure out what was going on in his head. He suddenly grabs my hand and drags me outside, to the outside viewing area. Once we were outside, everything started happening so fast, I can’t even remember what he said to me. He got down on one knee, and as soon as he did a photographer popped out of the crowd and started snapping pictures.


He had hired her to take photos of the whole thing. He was so nervous the ring box popped out of his hand and fell to the ground, and I just remember thinking “DO NOT let that fall over the edge!!” (priorities of course).




Seattle_Marriage_Proposal_December_2013IMG_7645 Seattle_Marriage_Proposal_December_2013IMG_7655 Seattle_Marriage_Proposal_December_2013IMG_7685 Seattle_Marriage_Proposal_December_2013IMG_7693



Seattle_Marriage_Proposal_December_20132 Seattle_Marriage_Proposal_December_20136

I said yes, we hugged, we cried, we laughed, people around us cheered (and even wanted to take photos with us), and we had a mini photo shoot right on the spot. Halfway through, I pulled out my cell phone to text my friends and family what had just happened, but I was so dazed I could hardly remember who I needed to text. We decided to ride the elevator down to take some more photos around the Seattle Center.

The final surprise for me was waiting at the bottom. When we walked outside, I heard cheering and shouting. I figured it way maybe some of the people who were at the top with us, still cheering us on. When I finally focused in, I realized that both of our families were standing there. He had invited everyone up to be there to surprise me.



That’s when the tears set in again. I couldn’t believe that everyone had journeyed from Oregon to Washington just to be there for us. Seeing my mom and dad and brother there, and all of his family, really made the whole thing complete for me. I couldn’t believe that they were (that he was!) able to pull that whole thing off without me knowing. Suddenly, the sweaty palms, distracted looks, random questions… it all made sense. We took some more photos (I’ll always treasure these photos more than anything), and ventured with the family to a restaurant for lunch where he had reservations. It was the perfect ending to the perfect proposal, spending time with our families, while I gazed at this man, my fiance, in awe at the perfect day he had just orchestrated for me. If it is even possible, I fell in love with him even more that day, and I fall in love with him a little more every day.


Engagement Photos: Stephanie Hightower Photography // Wedding Ring Photos: Mindy Strauss Photography