Sean and Lina's Proposal at Baker Beach

Image 3 of Sean and Lina's Proposal at Baker BeachHow we met: I remember that night. I remember we both came to see a mutual friend who was visiting from back east. We had never met,but had been in the same place at the same time once before. “Jeff”, I started, “who is SHE and is she single?”. “Oh her? That’s Lina. Ya, she’s single. What? Did you want to take her out or something?”

“Yes!” I exclaimed. Throughout the night I kept trying to figure out a way to talk to her.she wanted to go dancing. Great,now I had NO chance. My dancing is as appealing as a fat guy sitting next to you on an airplane. Good thing a member of our group didn’t have the proper attire for the club. Back to the bar we went. I made sure to move establish a good position by grabbing the seat nearest her at the table. We chatted for a bit. I’m 97% sure she was just being polite. Finally the time came to leave for the evening. She was Jeff’s designated driver. “How can I close this?”,I pondered panically whilst walking through the parking lot. “Whatever, I’ll wing it “. “Sooo Lina , I was gonna ask Jeff for your number, but since you’re right here, I guess I can ask you.”

No way.. She gave me her number. Is it real? Is she giving me the number to a sheet metal company? Whatever, I’ll take it!

I drive home pretty happy with myself. I got her number!

A text to Jeff on the drive home . “Jeff, put in a good word for me.”

Lina (responding on Jeff’s phone ) : “why does he have to do YOUR work?”

Me: completely stunned silence. “Oh hey, it was really nice to meet you. I’ll text you soon. Hopefully we can hang out”

I just went home and tried to sleep off the embarrassment .”

how they asked: Women grow up dreaming their wedding, the proposal, etc.

Men, however, must do a significant amount of preparation and planning to execute a proposal that is able to meet the standards most women have dreamt up.

My proposal was no different. Lina would tell you that I avoided the thought of proposal any chance I got. In all honesty, I was constantly racking my brain on how to fulfill her ideal proposal.

I finally established that the location would be San Francisco , a city we visited multiple times together and truly enjoyed. An iconic setting such as the Golden Gate Bridge would be the ultimate setting. The city by the bay at sunset…could it be anymore perfect!!??

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My stroke of pure genius was hiring our wonderful photographer Emily to capture the magical moment. Not only had she spoken to me thoroughly about how and what I wanted to do, she came through on the day of, and even helped guide me when I missed our predetermined mark and kept walking!!

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Eventually I lead us to the correct spot and suddenly… It was game time. I took one final breath as I held her hand in mine and got down on one knee.

For me, gazing up at Lina as the realization washed over her face was the ultimate gift. It was so mesmerizing, in fact, that I stumbled through the beginning of my rehearsed proposal!

She said yes, we kissed, and Emily was able to perfectly capture the quintessential moment of our relationship. For that, we will both be eternally grateful.

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Photos by: Emily Jean Images