Trisha and Sean

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How We Met

Sean and I met Sailing, a love we have had our entire lives that we can now share together forever. When we met we were both Officers in the Military, Myself in the Navy and Sean in the Coast Guard. We were chosen to represent the United States at the World Military Championship in Sailing to be held in Doha Qatar.

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After a week of training in the US we headed off to the Middle East to compete and began to really get to know each other.

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For the next two years we flew to see each other as much as possible while maintaining a long distance military relationship. Sean and I both come from different sides of the country Sean being from San Francisco CA and myself Long Island NY. Sailing has led them to many exciting things in life and now to each other. We are true adventure seekers traveling all over sailing, skiing, surfing, mountain biking, and windsurfing.

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how they asked

Sean proposed to Me on the top of my home ski mountain in the surrounded by all of my family. He asked for my dads permission and together they planned the whole event. The skin area Platekill Mountain in upstate NY offers chair lift rides to the top in the summer for the beautiful view.

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My brother and sister in law even came in for the big day. Everyone was let in on the big surprise except my Mom and I. They couldn’t tell her because she has so much excitement she might spill the beans. It was truly a surprise!

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My dad brought a bottle of champagne to pop open at the top off the mountain after I said yes. There was even a band playing at the bottom.that made a big announcement as we got off the chairlift!

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Sean and I left for Maui for two weeks for some sun, relaxation, celebration and windsurfing! We captured these amazing engagement photos!

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