Sean and Stephanie's Cruise Ship Proposal

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How We Met

Sean and I met on December 17, 2010 at a mutual friend’s birthday party. I met the birthday girl on a trip overseas a couple months before, while Sean had been friends with her and her then boyfriend since high school (said boyfriend is now one of his best men). I spoke to Sean only once at the pre-party, when he offered me a drink–after someone else had previously declined it–and I remember asking the birthday girl about him because I thought he was gorgeous. More friends from overseas arrived as we transitioned from an apartment to a bar, and next thing you know, we had a circle of girls dancing, only to be broken apart as Sean confidently strolled up to the entire group of girls, pointed at me, and asked me to dance. We even have our first dance captured on camera.

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We started our love story dancing the night away in a sweaty dive bar in lower Manhattan and didn’t go a day without speaking or spending time together from then on (minus the 3 days he waited to call me after that night)!

how they asked

For Sean’s 30th birthday and our 5-year anniversary, we planned a getaway cruise for the weekend before Thanksgiving to the Bahamas. My sister, Danielle, and her husband joined us to celebrate their two year wedding anniversary and as we live in different states and are best friends, the weekend was long awaited. It was Sean’s first time on a cruise, so after exploring the ship and playing miniature golf and several rounds of shuffleboard, we eagerly went to dinner expecting a fantastic world-class meal. Unlimited drinks and amazing food did nothing to combat against the gyrating dancing and nails-on-a-chalk board singing from our wait staff, so we escaped to the aft deck of the ship for some fresh air (and silence). Obviously Danielle and I jumped on the opportunity to get in a few of the time-honored traditional Titanic poses required for all cruise passengers. Sean seamlessly traded positions with my sister (almost as if it was planned) and before I knew it, he was down on one knee, delivering the sweetest proposal a girl can ask for… explaining how excited he was for that day to the be the last he’d be able to call me his girlfriend. After gathering my wits and looking at the amazing ring on my finger, I made him ask me several more times if I would marry him… just to make sure I was hearing correctly (I was). We spent the next few days exploring the Bahamas and enjoying every minute on the ship, elated beyond measure knowing our weekend getaway had evolved into the official start of the rest of our lives! We will be getting married on January 7, 2017.

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