Sean and Morgan

How We Met

Sean and I met in Lubbock during our last semester at Texas Tech through a mutual friend (Shelbie, one of my bridesmaids).

Sean met Shelbie in science nutrition freshman year, he had not seen her since then until September 2016. That September evening they ran into each other at a local restaurant in Lubbock. While catching up Sean jokingly brought up that Shelbie should set him up with one of her friends (if you know Sean then you know he jokes 24/7). So that is when Shelbie brought me into the picture. She stated how she felt we would have a lot in common and that we should definitely meet.

That following day I received a text message from Shelbie. She texted me about Sean and told me all about him (how he works out, how sweet he is and so on). Anytime someone tried to set me up with someone I declined just because I didn’t feel interested, but this time was different. I had a good feeling about Sean and I happily agreed to meet him.

A few days later Sean and I had our first date at La Madeline and we hit it off immediately. We dated for about 2 years before Sean proposed. We are both so excited for this adventure together!

how they asked

If you know Sean and me then you know how much we love to be active and travel. During this past midsummer, we went to Chicago and Colorado. First Chicago and then after that trip, we went straight to Colorado the next day. Colorado is definitely one of our favorite spots. Our favorite activity to do together is biking and Colorado is one of the best places to do that at.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Dillon, Colorado

Thursday, July 5th, we went on a bike ride from Frisco to Copper Mountain. During the bike ride, it randomly began raining CATS and DOGS. It felt like it was 30 degrees outside and I was in desperate need of a jacket (I was only wearing a tank top of course). However, the rain and the cold did not stop us. We kept pushing and made it to Copper Mountain and then immediately rode back down to Frisco. Once we made it back to Frisco we stopped at the nearest coffee shop so I could buy some hot coffee and warm up. After that adventure, I was so tired and done with bike riding for the day, but of course, Sean was ready to go out again since the rain passed. He quickly talked me into going with him. We decided to bike to Silverthorne since that’s where the outlet mall is (who doesn’t love shopping?).

Sean's Proposal in Dillon, Colorado

The bike to Silverthorne was SOO much better. It wasn’t raining, the weather was warmer and I had a jacket (plus, plus, plus). On the way back from Silverthorne Sean randomly asked me to pull over to the scenic outlook so he can show me how to skip rocks. Random? Yes, but we went to skip rocks anyways.

He began showing me how to skip rocks and then he randomly just walked off to the wooded area behind us. He then walked me back to where he was and said, “wouldn’t this be a great place to be proposed to?” I said, “yes, it would” and he says, “maybe some day…” And then he walks me further out and gets down on one knee and asks, “Morgan Marie Nance will you make me the happiest man in the world and marry me?”

Yes yes yes! A million times yes. Best bike ride EVER.