Sean and Mikala

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How We Met

Sean and I met at work. I was an intern and he was a full time staff person. It was frowned upon for staff to date interns so, despite our obvious attraction to each other, we didn’t date during my internship. The weekend after my internship was over he texted me and asked me if I’d like to “grab a beer”. I said “yes!” and the rest is history.

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how they asked

What’s funny about how they asked is that I thought the whole thing was my idea. I had been planning family pictures for months, looking on Pinterest for different poses we could do with the dogs, outfit changes…the whole sha-bang. Little did I know, he had been coordinating with our photographer, and good friend Gabby, as well. At one point during the photo shoot she gives us each a chalkboard and tells us to write the thing we love most about each other and to show each other at the same time. I loved the idea and wrote “He makes me laugh…A LOT!” because I’ve never met anyone that makes me laugh the way he does. Gabby tells us to show each other on the count of three and when we showed what we had written, his said “WILL YOU MARRY ME?”.

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I think I blacked out about that time and thought I was being “punked’. The first words out of my mouth were “No, no, no…shut up. Are you serious?” Lucky for me he was serious and he got down on one knee and opened a box holding the most beautiful, original, antique ring I’d ever seen. It fit perfectly and I said “yes!” We popped a bottle of champagne, celebrated with our fur children and it was all captured on camera and couldn’t have been more perfect. One of the things that meant the most was the fact that he called my dad a few days before to ask for his blessing. I found that out after the proposal, but I love that my dad’s response was “Oh yes. God, yes!” I love him, but my family also loves him. It was an amazing surprise proposal and the perfect start to our life together.

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Special Thanks

Gabrielle McLemore
 | Photographer