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Sean and I both go to Ohio State University for school. We met at an OSU lunch back in our country (Indonesia!). We found out that we have lots of mutual friends and were heading back to the states in the same plane! We spent hours in the plane just talking about our favorite music and favorite things to do. The rest is history! Last week, Sean offered to do a photoshoot with a photographer friend- which was weird because he’s not a photoshoot kind of guy! During the photoshoot he offered to help our photographer with her bag (which apparently has my ring in it!) and quietly took out the ring. Sean then snuck up behind me and when I turned around I saw a red box in his hands – and I literally just started bawling! The fun part is – after the proposal we got pulled over for a speeding ticket. Oops! Got a little bit too excited there. Stay safe during your proposals love birds!

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Special Thanks

Jordan Miller
 | Proposal Photographer
Michelle Sanchie
 | Ring Photographer
James Allen
 | Ring