Sean and Meenu

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How We Met

SEAN: So, I moved down here to Georgia from New York in 2004, and started attending Atlanta Mar Thoma Church with my family. I eventually became aware of and met Meenu sometime later, although we really never talked to each other or anything. Somehow we even became Facebook friends, and then even Instagram and Snapchat buddies haha. Anyway, I would sometimes see her on the social media scene, but rarely ever talked to her. This one time in March of 2016 though, she put up a Snap on her Snapchat Story of chicken cutlets, and I decided to say something to her regarding it. Little did I know that we would have a full blown conversation on there, and then move on to texting and communicating with each other before actually going on our first date together. After all the communication we had prior to that first date and our first actual physical interaction with each other, I knew that she was someone with whom I can spend my life with. Sure enough, with God’s grace and our families’ love and blessings, we’ve been able to go on countless dates and share many experiences together, and I can’t wait for the future ahead with her.

MEENU: It is true that God opens the most unexpected door at the most unexpected time. When I look back at how our relationship blossomed, I am in pure awe of God’s blessings. In March of 2016, I put a random Snapchat of chicken cutlets on my snapchat story and little did I know that a snap of chicken cutlets was enough to ignite a spark with Sean! Miraculously, he snapped me back and at first, we played a game of catch up due to our prior yet brief history with one another. That game of catch up turned into being endless conversations getting to know one another. I have known of Sean for the past 10 years, but never did I ever think that we would ever end up with one another. When he asked me out on our first date on April 2, 2016, I was terrified, but in shock at how compatible we were with one another. All this time, this gem of a man was living in the same area, attending the same church, and in arms length of me, but I had no idea! Our first date evolved into many other dates and soon, we became inseparable. Many individuals do not believe in soul mates, but God sure brought me mine, and I am beyond thankful!

how they asked

SEAN: Get ready for quite the tale! It took a lot of planning, but I wanted the proposal weekend to be a complete surprise to her. First, I talked to my parents about my plans, and also asked her parents for their blessing. After that, I did everything secretly without Meenu knowing at all. I planned an awesome Disney weekend trip for the two of us in Orlando, while simultaneously organizing a bunch of close friends from both our sides to spend the weekend at New Smyrna Beach at my cousin’s beach property. I told every one of them to keep their weekend plans a secret and to lie basically, and to not let Meenu see anything on social media that might give her a hint as to what was happening. I also asked them all to help out with creating an ideal beach proposal setting during the sunset time for that Saturday, and they surely went above and beyond with that!

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So, while they all arrived at the beach house at random times for their weekend fun, Meenu and I left Thursday night after her exams and classes to drive down to our resort. We enjoyed a fun day at Magic Kingdom on Friday, and went on their Fairy-tale Dessert Cruise that night to enjoy a dessert buffet and nighttime fireworks on the lake. Oddly enough, two couples got engaged on the cruise, and I thought Meenu would think I might propose to her then, but it’s not like I was going to haha. Saturday, we explored Hollywood Studios as much as we could, and during all of this, I was checking in and coordinating with everyone back at the beach house on how things were going. I had also told Meenu before that we were going to meet up with my relatives and cousin for dinner, who live about an hour away by the coast. So the plan was to meet them at the beach house and go to a nice fancy dinner from there after freshening up and getting ready. Once we were getting ready to leave, I accidentally dropped my phone on the concrete parking lot, and my screen shattered with the LCD not functioning properly also. I was pretty angry and also nervous about how to proceed with the plans, since I couldn’t really get in touch with everyone without Meenu knowing.

I was lucky enough to pair my broken phone to my car’s Bluetooth and got in touch with my cousin to let him know we were on the way, while hinting that Meenu can hear everything! He understood and told everyone to get ready and hide; meanwhile, Meenu and I were arguing on our drive there because I told her she would have to change in the car or if we stopped somewhere prior to getting there. We eventually did get ready…at a nearby McDonald’s parking lot, and then drove to the beach house. Sure enough, my “anger” was gone and I was just feeling happy and a little nervous about everything about to happen, while Meenu was still unhappy and mad. I told her we were meeting my family members on the beach first, so I took her by the hand and walked to the backyard. She got a little angry again when she realized her heels were sinking into the sand path, so I told her I’d hold her as we walked past the shrubs and onto the beach. At the end of the path, a white laced aisle runner led to the proposal spot my friends created on the beach, and Meenu and I looked towards at it, with the ocean and sunset in the background. She was stunned, but I think I felt it more because I knew that this was it. All of her anger and tension was gone, and her first question was “Where’s Bobby?”! I laughed, led her inside the hand-carved heart drawn into the sand, and although I basically forgot almost of the words I wanted to say to her, I dropped down to one knee with the ring in hand and asked my best friend to marry me. She said “Yes!”, we took a bunch of photos on the beach with our secret photographer Garrett, and then as we walked back towards the beach house backyard, all of our friends surprised Meenu from the deck and she was even more surprised by how it all happened. After a nice dinner out in the town and a night well spent with friends at the house, I couldn’t have asked for a better proposal weekend!

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MEENU: To be honest, the whole proposal was a whirlwind surprise for me. After a brutal week of classes, I was so excited to go to Disney world and spend a weekend with Sean. At times, Sean kept saying that there were so many surprises awaiting me at Disney and boy, were they amazing! On Friday, October 21, we went on a “fairy-tale” dessert cruise, where two other people proposed on the cruise ship. In my mind, I was low-key worried that Sean was about to propose and I was in a t-shirt, shorts, and had messy hair. However, he did not propose so I assumed that this weekend was nothing more than a fun weekend away at Disney. The next day, October 22, we spent another fun day at Disney and then, planned to go to dinner with his aunt, uncle and cousin Bobby. Prior to us leaving Disney, Sean cracked his cell phone and became mad.

The plan was that we would go to Bobby’s place to change, shower and get ready for dinner. However, Sean said that we were running late and had to change in the car. I was so angry with him at this moment, because I was sweaty and looked disgusting and would have loved to have showered. So, we ended up bickering and fighting all the way to the beach house. When we arrived, Sean told me to come to the beach and I was confused as to why we had to walk all the way to the beach to retrieve his aunt and uncle. We ended up bickering some more and finally, I walked to the beach with him. Sadly, I was wearing heels and it kept sinking and sinking into the sand, which made me angrier and angrier. Then, as we walked closer to the beach, I saw this white laced tarp leading to this heart shaped gyrus in the sand. All the anger in my body just fled and I became paralyzed with shock as the realization hit me. I became speechless and the first question I asked Sean was “where is Bobby?”. Moments later, Sean got down on one knee, and I knew that my life was about to forever change, but in the best way possible :)

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