Sean and Kyle

Wedding Proposal Ideas in In our apartment at night in front of the Christmas Tree in Austin, TX.

How We Met

Kyle and I are two band nerds that fell in love. We met in high school marching band. They use to say that if you were in a band, you might find your future spouse in there. At the time I thought it was all talk, but it turns out they weren’t wrong! He was a saxophone player and one year above me, and I was a trumpet player. We met through a mutual band friend. At the time of our meeting, I was actually in a long-term relationship that lasted until I graduated high school. It wasn’t until after I graduated high school that my ex and I broke up. Almost immediately when Kyle found out, he started calling and talking to me more and more. Eventually, he asked me out on dates, and then a few months later he asked me to go steady with him and be his girlfriend. He later told me that it was love and first sight for him and even though I was with someone at the time, I was always in the back of his mind. He waited for me for all of the high school! So even though we weren’t high school sweethearts, we became college sweethearts!

How They Asked

It was December 19th, 2017. Due to certain circumstances, we both ended up spontaneously playing hooky from work that day (don’t tell!) and drove around the Texas hill country with no sense of direction, just talking, until we eventually ended up in a town over an hour away from where we started, where we grabbed some snacks from the smallest Buck-ee’s in the state (Texas’ famous convenience store, a roadtrip staple, for those of y’all not familiar with Texas), got some breakfast in a nearby town, and then headed back to home to Austin.

When we got back home I realized I was becoming ill and running a fever. However, I was determined to make the day a good one (even though I had no idea what was in store for me!), so I loaded up on medication and got ready for the evening. We went to our favorite sushi restaurant in town, Sushi Nichii, for happy hour and noshed on a huge platter of sushi. Afterwards, we decided since we had already seen the Austin Trail of Lights, we wanted to see other holiday lights around the area and made the drive out to Lakeway, TX to see the (less popular) Lakeway Trail of Lights where we enjoyed walking around and looking at the Christmas lights at night in total solitude!

It was getting late so we drove back home. The Christmas tree was the only thing on in the dark apartment, giving the place a magical, glowing ambiance. Kyle told me that he was impatient and wanted to give me one of my Christmas presents tonight. He told me that he hid the present somewhere INSIDE of the Christmas tree and I had to find it. So with my back turned, I started searching within the tree trying to find my “hidden gift”. After about a minute of searching and no luck, I was feeling a little discouraged. All of a sudden, I felt a tap on my shoulder. When I turned around, Kyle was down on one knee holding up a ring…. he asked: “Will you marry me?” I was speechless and my heart was fluttering so fast that I couldn’t even get any words out and just ended up hugging him for a long time before finally uttering “Yes!”