Sean and Colleen

Image 1 of Sean and Colleen

How We Met

We all know the story of a boy who meets a girl. Today we will tell you the story of Sean and Colleen, so grab a snack, and get a blanket this is gonna be a long and exciting ride. It sure has been for us. Now let’s take you back to June 23th 2020. In a time of darkness and uncertainty, I stumbled across a little ray of light named Colleen. From that day on, an adventure that I never expected swept me off my feet, in the parking lot of the Collegeville Margaritas. After hundreds of mini golf games, go-karting at least once, movie dates, and all our margaritas dates. Day trips here and there. And through it all there’s no one else I’d rather be with to experience it all. Now I have the greatest honor in not only spending our lives together but getting to call her my wife.

How They Asked

We went for an illuminated fountains show at Longwood Gardens. Afterward, we went for a walk to one of their treehouses next to a large lake. There we walked to the edge of the deck and he proposed in the sweetest manner possible as always making things special in his own little way.

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