Sean and Carolyn

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How We Met

Sean and I met at work, but wasn’t your typical office romance. I’m a nurse in the Pediatric ICU and Sean is a surgeon. We met taking care of a very special patient in the PICU. I had been taking care of Drew, a then 15 year old boy, in the PICU for several months. The medical team decided that Drew needed another surgery, which Sean performed. He would come by the unit often to check on Drew, but it took him several weeks before he got up the courage to ask me out. He came into my unit on a Friday afternoon and after making small talk for a few minutes (and attracting the attention of most of the unit!), he finally asked if I wanted to hang out sometime. He ended up going to visit his sister in Southern California the next week, but we texted every day and finally went on our first date to Crissy beach when he got back the following week.

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How he found the Ring

I had been searching for quite a while for the perfect diamond and had recruited Carolyn’s sister, Elizabeth, to do some reconnaissance for me. I knew Carolyn wanted an emerald cut diamond. The day we found the ring, my mom drove up to San Francisco to look with me. I had arranged multiple appointments for that day. The first few diamonds I saw were okay but not spectacular and I just didn’t feel a connection with the people I met. Our last appointment of the day was at Padis Jewelers at the Brannan street jewelry mart.

We met Alexis and Baber who showed us a number of diamonds. Right away, we felt really comfortable working with them, the vibe was laid back and we didn’t feel pressured – unlike some of the other locations we had visited. They worked with me to find a diamond that fit the specifications I was looking for within the budget that I had set out, and when they showed me the diamond I knew it was the one I wanted. After the champagne bubbles had settled (they popped a bottle for us!) we left feeling really good about the purchase. And the look on Carolyn’s face when she saw it – I knew it was exactly what she wanted – is something I’ll never forget.

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how they asked

Sean was scheduled to take a board exam on Saturday, March 5, 2016. He was really nervous in the few days before the exam, which I attributed to the exam. He texted me on his lunch break on the day of the exam and said everyone wanted to go to Crissy beach after the exam to drink a beer. It had been raining in San Francisco for over a week, but for most of the day on Saturday it had only been drizzling. When Sean got home from taking the exam, I tried to get out of going to have a drink on the beach and said I would meet everyone out at a bar after the beach. Sean told me it just would be one beer and I agreed to go because he had been so nervous for the past few days and I wanted to celebrate the test being over with him. When we got to the beach, the rain turned into a heavy downpour.

The beach was almost completely empty, but he told me we should walk down the beach a little to see if anyone was there. We started walking toward a pier and Sean pretended to call some of the other surgeons. He said everyone would meet on the pier, and we walked out to the edge to wait. Sean started saying all of the things that girls dream of hearing, and all of a sudden he was down on one knee.

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From that point on, I don’t remember a thing he said! My first response was “are you serious?” and then I promptly said “of course.”

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He pointed out his friend Danny, who was sitting on the beach with his camera in the pouring rain taking pictures the whole time.

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When we made it back to the car completely drenched I asked if we should call our families, and he told me we should wait to get home and Facetime everyone. When we got back to our apartment, my family and his were there waiting for us, and it wasn’t until I saw my mom, who had flown out from the east coast, that it all became real and I started to cry. We all went out to dinner with our families and then Sean and I met some friends out at a bar afterwards. I know Sean was hoping it would be a beautiful sunny day, but the rain made it memorable and romantic, and I’ll remember it for the rest of my life.

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Special Thanks

Danny Kukulka
 | Photographer