Patricia and Enmanuel's Scuba Diving Proposal

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How We Met: Approximately two years ago we met at Las Americas International Airport in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic while we both were working as Air Traffic Controllers; still our current jobs. He had already been working for the Dominican Civil Aviation Institute for seven years as an Air Traffic Controller, when I was first hired. Then, one day we met casually at work since we both were stationed in the same area. On October 21, 2013, at the Air Traffic Controller International Day party celebration he started flirty talking with me for the first time; that’s when it all started.

We realized that we have more in common than many couples. He has a second profession like me, very similar to my own; he is a civil engineer and I am an architect. It it didn’t take long for us to know that we were meant to be together.

On March 21, 2014, he asked me to be his formal girlfriend. Since then, we have enjoyed a wonderful one year and four months relationship.

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how they asked: The video does not require addtional words. However, I’ll spell out the glorious proposal my dear Enmanuel did. For about two weeks, Enmanuel mentioned that his sister Liz was planning a snorkeling and diving trip to Catalina Island with all of his family members and even a few mutual friends. I immediately told him that I was very excited to go and agreed to the idea. Everyone that participated in the trip, knew about Enmanuel’s plans, including my best friend Sheila, except me. I had no clue about his proposal plans.

We travelled in several cars to the boat dock, were we parted to open waters in Catalina Island. When we arrived at the diving point, Ramon Alejandro, an International Association Nitrox Technical Diver Scuba Diving Instructor and also Enmanuel’s brother-in-law, taught as the basics for our first open water dive. I was very excited for my first dive and didn’t expect for it to be such a hard task.

Enmanuel was able to go down rapidly without trouble, but I couldn’t seem to go down because I kept getting ear pain, due to a slight nasal congestion I had at the moment. Ramon’s persistence (because he knew of the plans), allowed me to finally be able to complete the dive and I was able to go down approximately five meters underwater. After about 15 minutes of an ultimately wonderful underwater view of marine life, he did the unexpected.

He signaled a rose on marine sponge (later found out Ramon had placed it there for him) and later pulled it out and gave it to me. Then, he took out a note pad, which Ramon had given him underwater, and I thought they were the instructor’s diving plan.

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He opened the pad and showed me the pre-written text, which included words like “you are everything I have always wished for” and ended up asking me the magical words “will you marry me?”.

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As funny as he is, he also played prank in the middle of his underwater proposal. He pretended that he didn’t know where the ring was, and gloriously it was already inside the rose he had given me initially; he took it out and slided it in my finger. I later found out that he wasn’t sure of my ring size, but it was meant for me, because it fit me perfectly.

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When we arose from the water, all of his family members and our friends that were snorkeling and watching the whole thing, while we were diving, start shouting frantically and congratulating us. They celebrated us on board the catamaran with champagne.

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I’ll never forget this date. He did something many wouldn’t dare to do; he dived deep for me and for our love.

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Photos by: Arturo Jose Leger | Diving Center: Golden Arrow