Jenn and Isaac's Scuba Diving Marriage Proposal

How we met: Isaac and I met back in 04 when I decided to get scuba dive certified.  He wasn’t my instructor but he was one of the shop’s. We didn’t meet until the monthly dive club meeting the shop holds. I was active in diving for a few months then nothing for a few years.  It was in 08 when I got back into diving and going to the meetings that we started dating. We go diving together whenever possible.

Scuba Diving Marriage Proposal

how they asked: We were on vacation in Cozumel, Mexico with a group of friend from the dive shop. It was day four of diving, last dive of the day on the site Yucab. We were on the bottom, 40feet deep, when the dive masters started getting the group together for a group photo (that’s what I thought was happening).  Isaac, normally the last one to get into place for a group shot, is off in front of us with the dive masters.  As I’m waving him over to the group the two dive masters roll out a banner that says “Jenn, will you marry me?” while he stayed right under it. I had enough sense to snap a picture before I swam over to him.   I was completely surprised and crying in my mask.  I motioned for us to go to the surface and he just pointed to his watch and shook his head no, the dive had just begun…