Tyler and Colbey's Scrapbook Proposal

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How we met: Colbey and I met at Morehead State University, she played volleyball while I played baseball. We met my freshman year and I developed this big crush on her. One day she asked if I could help her with some homework, one thing led to another and we ended up talking all night and didn’t even fall asleep. We had so much in common and we never even knew it. After that night, I knew she was the one. After a year of dating her, each day re-falling in love with her, I knew I wanted to marry this girl.

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how they asked: So I began the process. I first asked her mom, her mom was thrilled and overjoyed. I wanted Colbey to have no idea what I was planning and her mom had a huge part in it. After we finished another year of college, I had to go play summer ball for baseball. I unfortunately got hurt and had to return home. God put something on my heart on that drive back home, and I suddenly knew I wanted to propose to Colbey at the end of the summer. So first thing was first, I had to get the perfect ring.

I had money saved up from knowing I wanted to marry her, but I just didn’t know the exact time. Now that I knew, I still didn’t have enough money to come close to buying a ring she deserved. Then my mom called me into her room, and showed me this huge diamond. It was my great-grandmother’s. And my mom gave it to me. It was unbelievable. I bought another setting for it and the ring looked like it was made for a princess. Perfect. I also had to ask her dad for his blessing, so I drove 9 hours to Louisville, KY without Colbey knowing, to meet him. He gave me his blessing! Now I had to come up with the perfect plan. I discussed it over with her mom, and my mom and I figured out the perfect time. Colbey’s mom and I came up with the perfect plan to spend a week on the beach at Emerald Isle, NC. I had the location. Now needed the plan.

I made her this scrapbook of our lives together, and at the end it had a blank picture saying “Insert Picture here” with all these stickers about being engaged around it. So my plan was to give her the scrapbook on the beach during the sunset and as soon as turns to the last page I would get down on my knee. Also, the scrapbook was a good cover to hide how nervous/excited I was during that day. She thought it was just because I wanted to give this to her. I then talked to a local photographer down there named Chad Winstead, and told him my plan. So the day of Chad was disguised as secretly taking photos of another couple on the beach as I walked Colbey passed him to a spot to give her the scrapbook. I was so nervous and so excited. While she was looking at the scrapbook, Chad and his assistant snuck behind us and set up the video and different spots for pictures. As she came to the last page, I got down on my knee and asked her to marry me (the same thing I practiced in the mirror a million times before) and she said yes!

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