Nikki and Evan's Scrabble Proposal

How We Met: We had been going to the same church for years and never actually met! He was that “hot guy” that played guitar every Sunday morning. Never in a million years would I have imagined a girl like me would catch the eye of someone like him! One day I found him on Instagram and showed my mom “look it’s the hot guy from church!”, and she convinced me to send him a little message! He replied and I was a giddy wreck from then on! We began messaging back and forth for weeks before we got enough courage to meet in person! So for our first date, and first time actually meeting, we went to Carmel beach! We played scrabble in the sand, had a fire and made s’mores, then laughed the ENTIRE night! Best day ever! He was the funniest, sweetest man I’d ever met! I was on cloud nine!

Nikki and Evan Proposal-7

how they asked: It was Valentine’s Day and we had plans to go back to Carmel and remember how it all started! We went for coffee, walked around, had lunch, then headed for the beach to have our scrabble, fire night! We get there and it’s so crowded! We had to walk sooo far and so fast, which later I find out why! We FINALLY find a spot and he gets the fire going! It’s almost sun set and it’s beyond beautiful outside! He asks me if I’m ready to play scrabble and I say yes and go to get the board set up. I open the game and the pieces are stuck! OMG what does that say??? NIKKI WILL YOU MARRY ME? He stands me up and gets down on one knee and asks me to be his wife… I lost it! Then come the photographers!! Right on cue with the sun set! This isn’t real life! I couldn’t believe the lengths this wonderful man went to to make every detail perfect for me! I said yes yes yes!! He had even asked my parents for their blessing the night before! What a gentleman!

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Photography by Laura Hernandez Photography