Rachael and Scott

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How We Met

I was in my last semester of college, and Scott has graduated a few years before. He reached out to me, and asked if I would want to grab coffee. I quickly did some digging of my own to soon find that our many mutual friends could not say enough great things about Scott! Now my interest had been peaked! Next thing you know a few weeks later we found ourselves at local restaurant, arranged by our mutual friends of course, and the rest is history!

how they asked

I was at work when I received a text from my best friend and roommate Taylor’s boyfriend (Adam). The text described how he was planning to propose to Taylor the next day, and asked if Scott and I would be willing to help with the set up. He gave me specific instructs about how a table was going to be dropped off at Riley Trails, along with flowers and pictures and it would be my job to make sure that the table looked good before they arrived. Seeing that we had all been anxiously awaiting the day Adam would propose to Taylor, I was over the moon that I was getting to help pull of the proposal! The next morning Adam sent me more detailed text regarding the exact time Scott and I needed to arrive, and when he was going to be arriving with Taylor. I drove to Scott’s apartment to find him taking his sweet time getting ready. We both were so giggly and excited for Taylor and Adam, and talked about how we couldn’t believe the day was finally here!

Soon we were on our way to Riley Trails…As we arrived, Scott began reading directions off his phone about how to get to the table… “walk straight, veer to the right, keep walking.. you can’t miss it.” I could see up ahead a white table nestled in among lush green trees and wildflowers. As we approached the table I remember thinking “what needs to be set up… the table already looks BEAUTIFUL” There was a bouquet, lanterns, a bible with a verse underlined, and three picture frames face down.

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I turned over the first picture frame, and to my surprise the picture was of Scott and I! I looked at him in sheer amazement, realizing that I was the one about to be proposed to!!!!! Scott took my hands read me the verse, “Ephesians 5:25- husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her.”

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Next thing I knew he was getting down onto one knee!

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As soon as he said the words..” Rachael Kaye Goodsir will you marry me” I said “YES!”

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Practically jumping on him before he could even put the ring on my finger!

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As he slid the most gorgeous ring I had ever seen on my finger I saw him motion to someone, and as I turned around I saw my sister and a photographer come out from behind a tree!

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After taking some pictures, Scott told me that he has a romantic dinner planned for just the two of us at his golf course.

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We got back into our car and were soon headed to dinner. As we walked out on to the patio I saw a table surrounded by our parents and siblings smiling and shouting “Congratulations!”

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After an amazing dinner my dad made a toast (which Scott told him to say), congratulating us and suggesting that we continue our celebration for one more round of drinks at a restaurant on lake Michigan called Boatwerks. Why not?! As I walked into the restaurant to my surprise (AGAIN) I was greeted with “CONGRATS” from a room full of our closest friends and family!

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The third and final surprise of the night sent me into a fit of water works as I hugged Scott, in awe of all that he had done to make the night more magical than I could of imagined!

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Special Thanks

Haley Menzies
 | Haley Jean Photography