Natalie and Scott

How We Met

We met through Instagram just because of our mutual love of Disney and we found out we both attended UCF. Scott got my phone number and we started texting and talking on the phone until he eventually asked me on our first date… ice skating :)

how they asked

On December 17, 2017, Scott and I were driving around Walt Disney World and looking at Christmas decorations. We stopped at their Riverside resort (a resort at which we have stayed a few times) to look at the big Christmas tree they have and Scott said that he wanted to look around. I had a feeling that the proposal was coming only because I knew he had the ring.

He walked us over to the outdoor garden area and started playing the song Life Could Be a Dream, Sweetheart on his phone. Out of his backpack he pulled a hand drawn postcard, which was made similar to a postcard he had drawn me when we first started dating. The original drawing was of Minnie kissing Mickey on the nose. This one was of Mickey proposing to Minnie. The moment I saw this new postcard I shrieked of excitement because it was such a surprise! While I had a feeling he was going to propose that night, I could never have guessed that that’s how he would do it. It was so sweet and thoughtful and “us”!

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