Scott and Mark

How We Met

We met over 12 years ago and everything was going good, though Mark wasn’t really ready for a relationship. We lost touch for many years and had thought about each other during this time. One evening we were both online and Mark sent me (Scott) a message for a chat and we caught up for a drink. To be honest, he never let on who he really was, and I only realised who he was after I started walking through his house. Then we started dating and fell into a loving relationship, which happened four years ago.

How They Asked

We purchased an investment property in June 2018, which is available on Airbnb. We planned to have a housewarming party with our closest friends and unknown to myself (Scott), Mark was planning a surprise announcement, which our friends (and myself) knew nothing about. We had lunch on the deck overlooking the river and the next minute I received a gift from Mark and a beautiful card with heartfelt words. At the end of the card, he had written “Will you marry me?” In shock, I turned around and he was down on one knee proposing to me in front of all our closest friends. I said “Yes” immediately, with no hesitation.

Special Thanks

Valentina Perez Imaging
 | Photography