Scott and Marielle

How We Met

His view: I will never forget meeting Marielle. We did not start dating until almost 2 years later, but she left an impression I couldn’t forget. It was the summer before I was going to start high school (circa 2008). I had just started living with my childhood best friend, my mom had recently moved away and my father’s circumstances made him unable to have me live with him. My best friend was going to be attending a prestigious private school in our city, and I was going to be going to a public school. This meant right away we were both involved with mutual friends from each other’s stomping grounds.

Scott's Proposal in Wells Beach, Maine

So, during the summer before we officially started high school, my best friend was invited to a 4th of July cookout/pool party by a basketball teammate from the private school. As his best friend, and now living with him, I was extended an invite as well. I remember while being there in the pool, 2 girls had arrived. The first thing I noticed was the blonde hair and smile on Marielle. I already had my eye on her at this point. BUT, where she got me hooked came a little later. Shortly after the girls had arrived, it was time to get out of the pool and go introduce ourselves… as a young guy about to start high school, I was excited to talk to any pretty girl. A group of guys from the private school, as well as myself, and the 2 girls started shooting hoops in a gym that neighbored the backyard where the pool party was. And this is where Marielle made an impression that I don’t think anyone could forget!!!

As we are all in there taking shots and joking around, a ball rolls over to her feet, she picks it up, dribbles to the 3-point line in her flip-flops and shorts, and SWISH. I immediately look at her, and she is just standing there casually. She gets the ball back, swish. Shot after shot, she would make and she had me hook line and sinker. I knew there was something special about her. When she was on her way out of the party I remember yelling “WWWAAAAAIIITTTT” and I ran up to her to say an official goodbye and gave her a hug. If I only knew what would transpire in the years to come…..

Her view: My brother has had the same group of friends since elementary school, and our families have all become close, as we have gone to school together and grown up together over the years. When I was going into 8th grade, my family was invited to a 4th of July cookout at one of my brother’s friend’s house. Having been to parties like this before, with all of my brother’s friend’s families, I knew I would be surrounded by guys. As a result, I decided to bring my girlfriend with me so I wouldn’t be the annoying sister hanging out with all my brother’s friends.

Where to Propose in Wells Beach, Maine

When we got there, I immediately saw my brother’s group of friends playing in the pool. However, I noticed I didn’t recognize one of them. I did notice that he had long hair, was constantly smiling and seemed to be the funniest one in the group, as he was making everyone laugh. I found myself excited to meet this new guy and for some reason, I felt the need to impress him; I wanted him to notice me. Of course, my friend and I were definitely going to hang out with the boys now… I had to get to know this guy! At one point during the party, we started playing basketball at a nearby court, and I knew that this was where I could get him to notice me… I played basketball and was confident I could make a couple of shots to impress him. Sure enough, he started paying a little more attention to me after we started playing. I remember feeling quite happy every time I made a shot and noticed him watching. Throughout the party, my friend and I kept hanging around my brother and his group of friends, but it was really nothing more than that. However, at the end of the night, when everyone was saying their goodbyes, I noticed he was hugging everyone. I didn’t think anything of it, nor did I expect him to hug me, as we weren’t that close at all… we had just met. However, as my friend and I were walking away, I heard him yell towards me to wait, and he jogged up to us. He said, “I didn’t get a hug!” As we left, I was happy that he made a point to come up to me to say goodbye.

After this initial meeting, I saw Scott decently often, always with my brother’s group of friends. Our relationship was always a little flirty and I seemed to always get excited inside whenever I heard that Scott was going to be somewhere that I was going. If Scott was going to be hanging around my brother, I had to find a reason to hang out with them too. Eventually, we exchanged phone numbers and we would text every so often, always innocent and flirty, but never that frequently or in any serious way. However, each time I saw him, I grew more interested in him. He was always making everyone laugh and it was easy to talk to him.

Over time, we grew closer as friends by hanging out in larger groups, but never really explored anything deeper. Eventually, Scott’s best friend started dating my best friend, so we began finding ourselves hanging out more often, in smaller, more intimate settings. We learned more about each other, always continued our flirtatious relationship, and eventually began talking more often.

Eventually, we planned to go on a real date to Olive Garden, and I remember sleeping over my friend’s house the night before. My “big date” the next day was the hottest topic for that night and I remember all my friends and I spent time picking out which outfit I would wear. Fortunately, that was the first and last “first date” I have ever been on. That night, we made a pinky promise to never hurt each other. The next day, January 15, 2012, Scott asked me to be his girlfriend, and well… the rest is history…

How They Asked

This story could start at several different points, as there was so much planning put into this over such a long period of time. Scott has since told me he started planning this proposal in 2016 and even gave me a little notebook he had been filling with his ideas and plans!

But in February of 2018, Scott privately reached out to my dad and told him: “This is it Mr. C, I would like to propose to Marielle and I have this perfect idea, I just need your HELP!!” If you knew my dad at all, you’d know this made him pumped. Throughout my childhood my dad planned surprises, scavenger hunts, and just about anything that could blow my brother and I’s minds. Scott knew he was the perfect person to help him, as he enjoyed planning surprises, but also since it was my dad! For the next 7 months, Scott and my father shared a secret that slowly grew to the rest of my family, to all of our friends, to just about everyone other than me!

Every Sunday since Scott reached out to my dad in February, they had private meetings that I never knew about. I worked a Sunday morning shift at the local grocery store, and for all I knew Scott was home with our Siberian husky while I was at work. He was always there when I left and when I returned home. He always made sure to answer my phone calls and messages. I had no suspicion whatsoever! Other than meeting every Sunday to plan Scott, my dad, and my brother organized several day-trips to Wells, Maine (eventual site of the proposal) in order to notify several local business owners of Scott’s plan and to ask a lot of them for their help! This part is still a shock to me, because from our home Wells is about a 6-hour round trip without traffic, even longer if my dad drove! Scott always played this off so well, saying he’d be home late cause he was working overtime, or any other story he knew I’d believe. There was one time that my dad randomly called Scott as I was on the couch next to him, and I could hear him say “Is Marielle around?” This is the only time I had any suspicion of anything whatsoever, but Scott continued speaking with my dad and then immediately after hanging up, reluctantly told me he was assisting my dad in planning a birthday surprise for me. This was common for my dad to do, so I bought it. Little did I know, Scott made this up on the spot with quick thinking, as he was trying to preserve his surprise. Afterwards, I’m sure he let my dad know he almost blew it!!

Before jumping into the details of the proposal, I just want to mention that Scott was able to keep everything entirely a secret from me, while notifying at least 37 friends and family who also made the trip to Wells, Maine for my surprise. Many of these people stayed the night and celebrated with us, and for everyone who came, we are both entirely grateful.

Okay… so now the proposal story!!

My family and I have vacationed in Wells Beach, Maine every summer since before I was born. My dad was born in Sanford, so Maine was always close to his heart and while growing up, it became close to mine as well. In fact, it is my favorite place in the world and always will be. So I guess in hindsight, it was a no brainer for Scott to decide where to propose. His deceiving abilities kicked in early in the year when he told me months ahead of time that he would not be able to join us on our family vacation. This was a bummer because he had come every year since we started dating, and shared my love for the little beach town of Wells. It was fully understandable why he would not be joining us though, he was just 1 year into a very tough and stressful job, and he was concerned that taking a week off from his work would be a major setback for him. Other than that, we had also just moved into a new house (our first home!) and there were several things he had said he wanted to get done. Probably the most exciting reason he had opted to stay home, was our 2nd Siberian Husky puppy was eligible to come home Saturday, September 1st and I was leaving for my trip Sunday, September 2nd. Trust me, I was very upset about this, but the vacation had been planned for a year, and we were not in control of when the puppy was able to come home.

So, Sunday, September 2nd came and I headed to Maine with my family, leaving behind Scott, along with our 1-year old Husky Dakota and our new puppy Nova. Scott has since then told me, the second I left he felt so relieved, there was so much pressure off his back. There was no more secret keeping and now the next time he would see me, he’d be proposing! So for that week, he didn’t have to be worried about me catching drift of what was happening; I was on my way to Maine. Instead, his concerns shifted to making sure everyone could be in Maine at the same time, had places to stay, and much more planning that I would eventually learn about. Almost a week later, on Friday, September 7th, I woke up knowing it was my second to last day of vacation. I was eager to get on the beach!! However, everyone in my family wanted to go to breakfast at 10 am. I didn’t know why everyone wanted to go so late and I thought we should go earlier, but nobody agreed. Looking back, I now understand they were just sticking to the schedule that Scott had planned for the day! He had arranged for my family to go to breakfast at exactly 10 am because when we walked in (at this point I was totally unsuspecting of anything), I saw a long empty table, set for us, with one of my best friends already sitting at the end of it. I was shocked, but quickly assumed my friend Baylee was just here to join us on our last day of vacation, as it was drivable distance. Breakfast continued as normal until a waitress brought me my favorite flavor donut from the restaurant. I bit in expecting a crème filled bite, and instead pulled a laminated piece of paper out of the donut… it was a clue! And at that point, my day of surprises started.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Wells Beach, Maine

The clue signified that this was for my “birthday,” which is a direct connection to the phone call my dad made to Scott which almost blew the whole story. Scott quickly recovered from the phone call telling me my dad was planning something for my birthday, which gave Scott the idea to preserve that story. So, after reading my clue, I was directed to another destination, and my father came up and handed me a pin that said “Birthday girl.” This was all believable because my birthday was exactly one month away, on October 7th, it was our last day of vacation, and my dad loved to plan surprises. As I left the breakfast restaurant, I was under the impression I was on a birthday scavenger hunt and was off to find the next clue. When I got outside, I saw a large, empty Trolley car, which my dad told me was my ride for the day! At that point, my friend Baylee, my mom, aunt, and I set off on the trolley to our next destination!

The donut clue led me to a place called the Best of Everything, a favorite store of mine and my mom’s. Once I entered, I ran into two more friends from back home… and it started to hit me… I’m gonna see Scott today! He’s gonna be here, but where?!? Once I ran into these two friends, Chris and Alaina, they helped me locate my next clue that was among the merchandise of the store. Scott had worked with the business owner to place the clue, as well as with the restaurant to put the first clue in my donut, but of course I didn’t know any of this at the time. Leaving the Best of Everything, my growing posse joined us on the trolley, later deemed the “Party Trolley.” We then swung by a bar named Ryan’s Corner, where I ran into another hometown friend, Ryan! I was now convinced that Scott was going to be a part of this, I had a feeling he was in Maine as part of the surprise. Although at this time I was fully convinced this was a birthday surprise planned by my dad. Each stop had its own clue that I had to locate, so the clue from Ryan’s Corner led me to a bookstore, where of course upon entrance I ran into one of Scott’s good friends from back home. I was starting to get the theme. The clue at the bookstore was especially incredible, I had to locate a book, and go to the directed page number, paragraph, and line. The line was my clue… it said, “Billy’s Chowder House,” a favorite restaurant of mine in Wells. As I arrived there, I was instructed to go to the bar and order a rum punch. So I happily walked up to the bar and as I turn the corner, there is a friend from back home named Neil, but also Scott sitting next to him! Scott had two drinks in his hand, one for me that already had a clue placed at the bottom of it. I was so happy to see Scott, who quickly told me not to worry, the dogs were home with his parents and he was only staying for the day in order to return to them. I was so happy with my day and to see him that I didn’t think anything of it. We all ate lunch and then set out to follow my next clue. As I got back onto the trolley, with now an even larger group, awaiting at the back was my lifelong best friend, Kallie… another surprise I was ecstatic for. I now had all of my favorite people in the same place, and I didn’t even know my day was going to get even better!

My clue at the bottom of my rum punch led me to a local Life is Good store where I was instructed to buy a towel. Scott had asked the cashier well ahead of time to use a safety pin to pin the next clue to whichever towel I brought up to the counter to buy. As I was looking through the selection of beach towels, out of the corner of my eye, I saw Scott’s cousin and best friend (future best man) Luc! My day of surprises continued! After buying the towel, I went outside and my friend Kallie asked me to take a picture holding up my new towel. As I held it up, I noticed the clue!

This clue took me to a candy shop, where I was instructed to buy a box of fudge. Of course, Scott had the candy shop pre-place my clue in the bottom of the fudge box. So it was back on the trolley to ride to my next destination and uncover my next clue! Even just being on the trolley was so much fun with all of my closest friends from back home. My next stop was a scenic walkway called the Marginal Way. This is a very common proposal site, which afterwards Scott told me is the exact reason he didn’t want to do it there. My clue for this area led me to find a specific bench, and instructed me to take a seat. As I found it and sat down, I could see in the distance a sign that Scott had attached to the side of a cliff. It was my next clue! It was a large ice cream cone labelled TSD. I knew right away my next stop was The Scoop Deck, my all-time favorite ice cream place!

As we arrived at The Scoop Deck, I stumbled into more of our friends! Our friends Joey, Kate, and Chris M. were all waiting for me. The clue at this stop was really creative as well. I had to use the very large outdoor flavor board to decipher jumbled letters, which ended up saying “Arcade”.

So after enjoying some ice cream, Scott, Chile, Chris, Alaina, Luc, Kallie, Baylee, my brother Matt, Neil, Ryan, Joey, Kate, Chris M., and I all headed to the arcade. My clue said that I had to earn exactly ‘67’ tickets playing skeeball. The number was so random because Scott arranged with the arcade owner to have only one prize (meant for me) redeemable for 67 tickets. When I came to redeem 67 tickets for a prize, they would know it was me. As I approached the skeeball machines, I saw Lizzy, one of Scott’s all-time greatest friends from high school. Another surprise! ‘How long could this go on, and how did my dad do all this?’ is all I could think. When in reality, it was Scott using my dad as a cover. As I redeem my 67 tickets I was given a clue to go to the fortune teller machine at the arcade. As I put in my quarter, the machine booted up and spit out a tarot card. However, Scott had doctored this tarot card to be my next clue. This was truly amazing!!

After leaving the arcade, I was instructed to go to a beachside snack shop, and get popcorn to feed seagulls. As I emptied my box, there was a clue taped to the bottom. Now we had abandoned the trolley and were walking along the beach to my last official clue, which was on a lifeguard chair on the beach.

This last clue led me to walk the length of the beach, onto the rock path jetty, and look for a pink ‘X’. Once I arrived at the ‘X’, I was supposed to look out and wait for a boat to pass, which would apparently have a message for me on the back. At this time, our group split up. The majority of the party, including Scott went back to the trolley, and they said they were going to the final stop to wait for me. Only Luc (best man), Kallie, and my brother Matt continued with me to the jetty. I was enjoying the day so much that again, I didn’t think anything of it… but as the group went back to the trolley, Scott hustled into my dad’s car and caught a ride down to the beginning of the jetty, way out of my sight, as I was walking along the beach. Little did I know, Scott had his father, grandparents, aunt and uncle all waiting for him with our two huskies!! Scott had collars made for both of them that read “Will you marry my dad?” So there Scott was, with his dogs and family, just waiting for me to arrive on the jetty and find the ‘X’, which Kallie was going to text him when I was close.

As I approach the ‘X’ with the small group of people I was still with, there was a boat, just like my clue had said, so I looked as hard as I could but it was moving so fast!!! I later found out the clue mentioning the boat was all fake, he did not know there was actually going to be an approaching boat….. he just made that up so that I would be looking away out into the water trying to find a boat. He still says he can’t believe how perfectly it worked out… I can’t either!! So as I’m staring at this boat, getting more and more anxious that it was going so fast because I thought I would miss the clue… Scott was walking up the jetty behind me with both of our huskies.

I did not know at all until the boat got to a certain point where I slightly turned my head and then heard the clinking of the dog collars. I had already seen Scott so I was more so fascinated to see the dogs. As I was holding our precious little puppy and greeting Dakota, Scott got on one knee behind me, and said “Marielle….. Will you marry me?” My jaw absolutely dropped and I was literally speechless… he continued to say, “this whole day was for you” and I was still speechless. He then said, “well do you want it?!” and before he could finish I said “YESSSSS!!!”

Then the tears started flowing for both of us and we were just so happy. Little by little Scott’s planning was revealed as both of our families approached the jetty to congratulate us and celebrate. Now, you’d think Scott felt like this was enough of a surprise, right? Nope. Not knowing Scott. He still had much more planned for me!

As we cooled down and were able to hug all of our family members, and show everyone my new ring, we headed back on the trolley to one more destination. This time it was just Scott and I, our dogs, the small group who came with me to the jetty, and our families. I was so excited I didn’t realize what else Scott had in store for me. As we pull up to our destination, I can see a huge sign saying, “Congratulations Marielle & Scott”, then as we turn in I see a huge crowd of familiar faces, some who were on the trolley with me earlier in the day, and some other friends and family Scott invited to celebrate with us. Each person had a sign and when held together it said “Congratulations!”

It was just an amazing and surreal sight, to see all of these people and be surprised once again. So as we disembark the trolley, I find out Scott had rented an entire venue to celebrate with all 37 friends and family who made the trip. They had special drinks, and so many hors d’oeurve’s, all put on by Scott. I can’t say enough, that this guy truly thought of every single thing. When most people would be satisfied, he went one step further. It was surprise after surprise, and still truly unbelievable he pulled all of this off without me knowing at all. After a couple hours of getting to hang out, take pictures, and talk with everyone who made the trip, we all went out to eat as a large group to cap off a truly amazing day. To this day I am still in disbelief, and I can now thank Scott for the greatest day I have ever had in my life.

I could go on about how Scott planned each and every step, but then this story would be much longer! He had rented the trolley for the full day in advance, as well as pre-planned every single step I would take that day with my father and my brother Matthew. All in all, we have been so happy celebrating our engagement and enjoying life with our two dogs.

We can’t wait until October 3rd, 2020 where we will be getting married at the Cliff House in Cape Neddick, Maine, just one town over from Wells where he proposed. <3

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