Scott and Krista's Mexican Chapel Proposal

Mexico Chapel Proposal

How We Met: Scott and I met in 2011 on a cruise to the Bahamas. We were both with different groups. He was there to celebrate his brother’s birthday while I was with a group celebrating another friend’s birthday. At some point on the trip our two groups came together and Scott and I began to talk. We were both immediately drawn to each other, however, at the time Scott lived in Iowa and I lived in Florida. Before the cruise ended, we did exchange phone numbers. I had mentioned at one point that I had experience with website design and Scott (later admitted!) he used his need for an updated work website as an excuse to get back in touch. We began talking on the phone while I took on the project of working on his website. We began talking more and more, until it was clear we were soul mates! We talked on a daily basis and then meeting on a monthly basis. We did this for almost 2 years till finally I took the plunge and moved to Iowa. My work has me on the go often, so it was an easy and wonderful decision to relocate.

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how they asked: I am a destination wedding photographer and in February of 2014 I was hired to photograph a wedding in Mexico. I had been to this part of Mexico for several weddings before and I had told Scott about it. I had mentioned that there was a little chapel that I just adored and that I really loved the area so much. In addition to my photography team, I asked Scott and another couple if they wanted to join me and we would plan on staying a couple extra days after I had finished working with the couple that was getting married. I had absolutely no idea that from the moment I had asked Scott to go to Mexico he had made a plan to find the little chapel and put together the perfect proposal! When the day arrived, he had hired a mariachi band, lined the chapel walkway with flowers and brought me to that special place.

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I had absolutely no idea what was to follow. He led me to the walkway where he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. In a matter of moments dozens of people had gathered around us and when I said “Yes!”, the crowd cheered and the band began to play. It was a magical moment that I will never forget!

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