Scott and Katelyn

how they asked

Scott and I live in Boston. I flew home for a weekend in NJ for one of my best friends bridal shower. My other best friend who I was her maid of honor for wanted to go dress shopping on Saturday. I was so happy to be celebrating both of my best friends getting married. Little did I know, Scott was planning the ultimate surprise. Being born and raised on the Jersey Shore my mom always wanted to rent a shore house for an entire summer. After weeks of talking about it to me, she knew I was coming home for a weekend and she wanted me to go see it with her before she decided. The beach house was in Avon by the Sea, NJ where I grew up going to the beach and where I met Scott at the restaurant he worked at The Columns. As we were walking the boardwalk, I said to my mom “that looks like Scott…” And right than he was walking towards me and the proposal I dreamt of happened in front of the place we first met. Our family was at the balcony of the restaurant watching the whole thing and it was a moment I will cherish forever!