Scott and Jordan's Proposal in Millennium Park

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How we met

Jordan: I was really good friends with a couple that I went to college with who had recently moved to Milwaukee, which was only two hours away from Chicago. They invited me to a BBQ one day to celebrate a birthday and had told me that they wanted me to meet their friend Scott. I wasn’t a fan of set ups but I was a fan of good times so I figured I would go.

When I got there I was the first one to arrive. Scott ended up coming about a half hour later. We were introduced and I thought he was cute but I didn’t really think much of it. I could tell he was trying to impress me when he started setting up a table for “recreational games”(something I could put together in two seconds with my pinky) and he acted like it was the hardest thing, flexing and using all of his muscles, making sure I didn’t miss the definition of his biceps. The rest of the night was spent having fun and getting to know each other.

Fast forward to the next morning, we all went out for brunch, ordering whatever sounded good. I happened to get a sandwich and fries. Scott was sitting closest to the ketchup and when I asked him to please pass it to me he shook it first before handing it over. At that moment he won my heart.

Scott: We were introduced through mutual friends at a birthday party with the intent of being “setup”. When I first saw a picture of her I thought Jordan was cute but I wasn’t overly anticipating the introduction. She had no clue when she came into town what our friends had in mind. When I first saw her in person I was overwhelmed with nerves: she was gorgeous (WAY out of my league). As the night progressed I started to loosen up more and we really started to hit it off. She told me that she really fell for me when we were out the next afternoon for brunch. She asked me to pass her the ketchup and I shook the ketchup bottle for her before I handed it to her. The rest is history. And, yes, we fully understand that we need to think of a more romantic story for our kids.

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how they asked

Jordan: My birthday is a big deal to me so instead of a birthday I like to have a birth week. The Tuesday of my birthday week included a surprise visit from my mom which could have been the end of my presents and i would have been happy but it didn’t stop there… Not even close. A few days passed and Thursday came, my dad and mom wanted to treat me to a birthday dinner a few days before my actual birthday since they figured Scott would want to spend my birthday alone with just him and I. We went to a very nice restaurant where they had the band sing to me while I ate my free dessert (Little did I know this dessert was making us very late to something). Normally being my daddy’s little girl I would get his full attention.. not this time, he was texting who he said was his best friend Wayne, which didn’t seem sketchy because he is always texting him (later I find out he was really texting Scott letting him know I’m taking forever and we will be late). We leave the restaurant and get back to our place where our dog Chewy had been waiting to go outside. We decided to take the family on a walk on Chewys favorite path.

About half way through we see a street magician performing on the sidewalk. I’ve never seen one there before but I didn’t think twice about it since they said he was doing it for a marketing video. I love magicians and my dad was seeming to have a very good time so we stayed to watch. With about 12 people in the audience he did multiple tricks, spoke to multiple people including my family and I. On his last trick he asked me if I could help him out. Being a big fan of the spotlight I said yes. It started out with him ask me to stop on a card as he flipped through the deck. When I said stop the 8 of hearts was facing me. He showed the audience so they would know as well. He then told me he was going to ask multiple questions to try and figure out what my card was, but that I had to respond no to the questions he asked. When he asked the first question I laughed and was told I needed to wear a blindfold since I have very expressive eyes. Again this is something I’ve heard before, my eyes are huge so they stand out which didn’t make me think about having to put a blindfold on.

As he began asking me more questions I continue to respond no when I then hear a different voice say “Is it the 8 of hearts?” I obviously knew the voice but didn’t believe it could be him. Then I hear again “Is it the 8 of hearts?” At that point I took the blindfold off and in front of me is Scott down on one knee.

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I immediately started crying. As he started saying his speech I didn’t hear a word besides, “Will you marry me?”

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I shook my head yes and at that point I felt like I was the happiest girl in the world. Seconds later the so called audience I had been standing with at the show ended up being a singing group serenading us with can you feel the love tonight from the lion king. It was all a surreal moment. While dancing Scott wasn’t done and asked me if I wanted to celebrate… in Greece! Of course I cried again. When I asked about all the details I figured out that Scott had every last detail of my day planned out. When my mom surprised me, it was because scott told my dad to get her to come. When my dad was on the phone, it was because Scott was texting him so he could keep tabs on our arrival. When their was a magician in millennium park, it was because Scott set up the perfect proposal.

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Scott: Jordan is not one to be impressed by the mundane. I knew everything I wasn’t supposed to do with the proposal but not too much of what she was looking for. In an attempt to venture from the cliché proposals I sought advice from close family and friends. Everyone had ideas but none of them seemed good enough. This girl deserved the best. I had to think of a way to surprise her without her having an inkling that I was proposing. Fortunately, or unfortunately – however you look at it, I travel frequently for work. So I told her that I had to go on a work trip and that I was going to be gone for the week. Her family was coming into town so she distracted by their presence. They went out for dinner and as part of habitual behavior they took the dog for a walk around Millennium Park afterwards. Her father played a HUGE role in the proposal because he had to manage to persuade them to follow his lead on this walk. They made their way to a spot in Millennium Park that is known for having stunning views of the skyline. This is a walk that her and I do quite frequently and we always stumble upon street artists. That day was no different.

Her family walked by a magician performing in the park with a large audience and a marketing team filming his performance. Jordan loves magic and especially loves being able to participate in the performances. I knew that she would be willing and eager to get called up. The magician made his rounds, doing tricks for the audience and then called for a final volunteer. Jordan was chosen and the final trick began. The magician made her choose a card at random and then he showed the card to the audience. He then requested that she be blindfolded so that her eyes didn’t give away the card was while he was searching for it through the deck. As soon as the blindfold was on I came running from around the corner. The magic trick was preset and so I knew what card she had chosen weeks before that day.

When I finally reached my spot behind her, fingers crossed that she would recognize my voice, I asked if she had chosen the 8 of Hearts (her card). She was really confused at first but then she ripped off her blindfold realizing it was me. The waterways in her eyes started gushing. I had practiced my next words all day long. Repeated the lines hundreds of times. When I saw her in that moment, and it truly hit me what that moment meant for us, my mind froze. I don’t remember what I said, nor does she, but what we do remember is that she said YES! My hands shook as I placed the ring on her finger.

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The “audience” that was in the crowd was actually an award winning chorus group from Chicago. They serenaded us with the “Can you feel the love tonight” song as we slow danced in the sunset. Her family was there, my family was there and most importantly our fur baby Chewy was there. It was literally a magical night!

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