Emily and Scott


How We Met

We met briefly at an event in Tennessee where I was attending and Scott was working at it. Upon meeting we realized we lived in the same city, Charlotte, NC! We talked a little and I mentioned where I worked then we moved on and went home. I never really expected to see him again until he wandered into the store I worked at just a week later! I was so surprised to see him again especially because I was working in a women’s lingerie store! He was with a friend who was “shopping for his wife.” We reconnected and exchanged information all the while I thought “what a crazy coincidence!” Later on I found out that him and his friend purposefully came in just to find me and the whole story was an elaborate ruse just to have an excuse to talk to me. I’m so glad he pursued me the way he did because our friendship and then relationship is the best thing that has ever happened in my life! I can’t wait to marry him!

how they asked

Scott and I have been dating over four years and from the beginning Disney has been a common love for us. We enjoy taking trips to Disney together as often as we can but our most recent trip was the BEST EVER! He surprised me with a sunset stroll down a beautiful walk path right outside the Magic Kingdom. He set up his camera to get some pictures of us but really it was to capture his proposal! I was shocked and elated to realize the camera was snapping the whole time! He then surprised me again by inviting both our families to join us for the rest of the trip. I’m so excited to return to this special spot for years to come!

The special moment!

The moment after!

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Our Video

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